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You Never Know You're Exceptional is the current theme song of Elite ANT Force. it has been updated for casting changes and once was replaced by another song, briefly. The lyrics are as follows:




Cue Lab Rats Music

Imagine a place full of talents, bionics, and superpowers.

If we didn’t have to save the world, we’d chat for hours!

We’re all exceptional,

Yeah, exceptional-

Faster, stronger, mathiercomplicated

More artistic, bigger memories, better music

Researching, more alien, more super, more glitchy


Than the average human!

That makes all of us special!

We’re advanced, naturally talented students…

In this Elite ANT Force along with bionics and superpowers!

Cue "Elite Force Remix" music.

Will we save the world today?

We never know!

But it’s good to see things we could only imagine….

At the Davenaz Hospital!


  • Despite the name of the song, the lyrics "You Never Know You're Exceptional" are not actually featured in the song itself.
  • This song was replaced by "We Gotta Get Back In Time And Save Our Friends" for a brief period during season 2.
  • In season 1, the final stress was put on "But it's good to see thing we could only imagine!", as the academy did not exist at that point. In season 3, Davenaz became the main setting and, thus, that was added to the end of a remixed theme song including Sabrina Carpenter.

Cast In Order

Jake Short

China Anne McClain

Bradley Steven Perry

Tyrel Jackson Williams

Sierra McCormick

Kelli Berglund

Aedin Mincks

Paris Berelc

Jeremy Kent Jackson

Sabrina Carpenter

Stefanie Scott