Wizard Work is the 4th episode of season 2 of Suite Life Of Time Wizards: Elite Force Meeting World.

Don't get to jealous cody...
Alex, Maz,and Bailey are desperate to change things


Max wants to be a wizard again, so the team goes back in time and makes Alex the headmaster with Max as the family wizard. Also, in 8 years Bailey will become the Wiztech headmaster. Max falls for Bailey in a strange twist of events.


  • This episode's title resembles Power Play, an Elite Force episode. The plots also have a few similarities such as:
    • Chase falling for Skylar in a manner of how Max falls for Bailey.
    • Neither Oliver nor Cody exactly gave Max\Skylar their powers back. Oliver used the Arcturion Space Rock to stabilize and revive Skylar, who had horrible bionics implanted in her by Chase. Cody transferred Alex's power to Max to help him win the Wizard Competition.
    • Things backfire, seeing as Skylar thanked Oliver and Max thanked Bailey.