When Androids Attack Part 3: The Return of The Most Evil Android is the 4th episode of season 3 of Elite Ant Force.


The original Troy West returns. Using the knowledge of himself, he upgrades himself and rebuilds Jupan, Amous, Stebert, and Grapey for his army. They go on a rampage to claim their revenge. They destroy New York and other large cities and leave the US and parts of other countries in complete ruin. Troy doesn't make the mistakes these ill-fated superiors-who are now destroyed thanks to the Davenports- have made and attempts to seek victory all to himself. He steals all the abilities of the bionic superhumans and clones himself into one big army, to make up for his lost allies. The team fights Janet Smythe- only for Troy and his army to get them away from her.Troy then throws Janet out the window of the building, making her plummet dozens of feet to her death. Finally, the fight against Troy and his clones begins, the fate of the entire world resting on this last battle.

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