When Androids Attack Part 1: The Infiltration is the second episode of season 3 of Elite ANT Force.


When a series of new kids come to the academy, Chyna is dismayed to learn that her newest student is a much better musician than she is, Fletcher's newest prodigy makes much prettier, artistic paintings of everything, Olive's newest student has been around since the dawn of time, making her eidetic memory far more superior and even Angus' newest student is a better coder, attends more conventions, and brings computer science to the next level. Fletcher and Oliver decide to video chat with their mother,Bridget, who has started her own superhero resort in England with her ex-husband, Arnold Bernstein. They cover it as a comic book shop, but everyone gets suspicious of it, Bridget reports. Oliver is especially relieved that Bridget is now using her powers for good only. Bree, Skylar, Oliver, Kaz, Jesse,  and Leo must convince them otherwise and show that these new kids can never replace them, no matter what.

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