Do not change the episode's name! This uses the A.N.T. Farm naming technique, so it is fine.
wANTing a new lease on life is the third episode of season 1 of Good Luck, Liv and Maddie's Kickin' Suite Time Wizard ANT World Bunkin' Force: Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division.


Following Zoltan’s return to New York, Robbie decides that he is ready for his relationship with Clarie to truly begin. However, Fletcher, recently put on house arrest, and Chyna, who has gotten Oliver to wear his monitors, take a long look at their lives and values and decide to reinvent themselves. Chyna decides to return to her acting career, while Fletcher decides to become a comic book illustrator as working in an arthouse is boring and he wants to give Oliver a gift for their birthday. Olive finds Kaz, whom everyone thought was dead, in her attic and he convinces her to have a new start living in his RV park in Phoenix, Arizona. Angus starts a hardware store and begins spending more time with Robbie and Clarie, who get annoyed by him in their relationship. Mad that they don’t want him and with no place to live since Marie spent large portions of their stock and decided to repeat her senior year in L.A. on the hunt for an undercover cop-making their house get foreclosed-Angus decides to become a comic book writer and starts working with Fletcher, now living in The Martin Hotel in Denver. Chyna’s new life takes a horrible turn until she runs into Cyd, Riley, Lucas, Zay, Smackle, Farkle, Samantha, Josh, Maya, Ruby, Louis, and Shelly who have a brand-new idea that will bring everyone back together.