This my verison of Parent trap  (No Bionics and Super powers)

Parent trap

When Bridget meets Jerry

In 1997 Jerry Quimby was on a plane to California. He was sitting next to Bridget Fox. Jerry looked over at her and said "Sorry Miss." Bridget held her hand up and said "I am Bridget Fox". He smiled and said "You from California?" Bridget shook her head and said "No, I'm from Philly, but my friend moved to California and I visit her." Jerry looked at her and said " Where in California is your friend move?" Bridget  smiled and said "Sacramento".  Jerry smiled and said "That's  2 hours away from where I live". Bridget look at him and said "where are you from?' Jerry smile and said "San Francisco. After Bridget visited her friend, she drove up to San Francisco and saw her new friend Jerry. Over time Jerry and Bridget got serious and fell in love and married. Before they knew it, Bridget was pregnant with twins. She gave birth to boys that they named Fletcher Pumpernickel Quimby and Oliver Rye Quimby. But 2 months after the boys were born, they fought all the time and decided to divorce. Jerry and her both wanted to take the boys, but decided to take one boy each. Bridget returned to Philly with baby Oliver and change his last name to her last name Fox. Jerry stayed in San Francisco with baby Fletcher.

16 years and 9 months later

Fletcher Quimby was pretty excited to go to Camp Kikiwaka for the summer. He and his best bud Angus Chestnut were going to be CITs at  Kikiwaka. They were on the bus to camp.  Angus looked at him. "So buddy, you think we'll be on the same team?"  Fletcher look at his best friend and said "I hope so. I wish Chyna could come". Fletcher look out his window and saw Kikiwaka and turn to Angus and said "there it is Angus". they got out and saw a lot a boys and girls. Angus look at Fletcher and said "this is going be awesome". Fletcher smile and said "yeah".  As they walk they walk they saw a car pull up. Kaz Duncan look at his best friend Oliver Fox and said "stop complying Oliver". Oliver got out "I just miss Skylar".  Kaz sigh "It will be for 8 weeks it will fly by". Oliver gave Kaz a smile "ok". Kaz and Oliver look out and saw the camp sign and they both smile.

Fletcher Quimby becomes CIT of Eagle Cabin and Oliver Fox become CIT of Moose cabin

Gladys arrived and look at the boys and girl and said "this is the list of Cits and their cabins. Ravi Ross will be Grizzly Cit. Emma Ross will be Woodchuck Cit. Megan Wright will be Bobcat Cit. Kaz Duncan will be Badger. Cit" Kaz look at Oliver and said "sorry buddy". Olive put a brave smile and said "I will see you around buddy". Kaz and Oliver fits bump. Anna Garcia will be Weasels cabin Cit. Kate North will be Bunny cabin Cit. Angus Chestnut will be Beaver cabin Cit."  Angus pat his friend back and said "see yea"  Gladys read the two last names "  Fletcher Qumiby will Be Eagle Cabin Cit and Oliver Fox be the Cit of Moose Cabin.  Oliver and Fletcher join there teams.

Canoe race

Gladys arrived "OK campers this is the final  canoe racers we have Ravi and Jorge from Grizzly. Emma and Zuri  from Woodchuck. Megan and Ashley from Bobcat. Hazel and Lydia from Weasel. Lucy and Kate from Bunny. Ken and Angus from Beaver. Jeff and Kaz from Badger. Todd and Fletcher from Eagle cabin and  Mike and Oliver from Moose cabin. All right get set GO!" the hold camp root for the teams. Todd and Fletcher  hit Mike and Oliver's canoe and they hit the Eagle canoe back cause both canoes to drown. Oliver started to yell "you did that on on purpose!" Fletcher yell back and said "NO I didn't" and he splash Oliver cause them to fight The head of counselors Rick from Moose and Jake from Eagle broke up the boys fight. Rick grab Oliver and said "Fletcher, came down, what you are Oliver?." the hold camp was shock than Gladys look from Oliver to Fletcher. Ravi whisper to Tiffany and said "did you know they were twins?" Tiffany shook her head.

Moose Cabin vs Eagle Cabin

Later that night Fletcher and his campers hit to Moose Cabin. Andy look at Fletcher and said "are we really doing this Flecther". Fletcher look at his campers and said "yes we are". Todd smile and said "ready to do this sir". The eagle campers trash moose cabin. Fletcher did his look alike. That morning  Ryan the youngest camper in moose cabin. He was surprise to see the cabin trash. Ryan woke Jake up. Oliver look out the window and saw Fletcher and said "Oumiby".  Fletcher and his campers just than Rick walk by and saw his cabin and "guys" the campers said "hi Rick". Rick grab Fletcher and "Fletcher, do you want to get are cabin a demerits". Just than Gladys came to the door and said "who did this?" Rick said "Fletcher's ideal I know nothing about it."  Fletcher pointed to Oliver and said "He started it". Gladys was mad and said "Fox, Quimby pack your bags."

Isolation Cabin

The hold camp walk with the boys to the cabin. That night Fletcher was drawing a picture of his girlfriend Chyna. Oliver was reading his superman comic. Oliver put the book down and went to turn off the light. But Fletcher wasn't done with his picture and turned the light back on. Oliver turned it off and Fletcher turned it on. It was on all night.The next day Fletcher was drawing and and Oliver was looking at his photos.  The next day a storm hit Kikiwaka and the Isolation cabin had a leaking roof. the window was open and Fletcher try to close and Oliver decide to help him. Fletcher  looked over and saw the cabin was a mess. As Oliver started cleaning, he looked at Fletcher. Oliver picked up a stuff bear and said "Dude, is this yours?". Fletcher took the bear and said "Michelangelo, thanks". Oliver look and said "Any of your art ruined?" .Fletcher  look and said "the photo of Chyna". Oliver smile and said "your girlfriend?" Fletcher said "yeah my boo". Oliver took his wallet out and reach for a photo and said "check my babe". Fletcher  took the photo and said "not bad". Oliver smile and said "thanks man". Fletcher said "what is her name?" Oliver said " Skylar Valentine".  Fletcher smile and said "she's cute". Oliver said "thanks".  Oliver look at the rest of Fletcher's photos and said "who that man."  Fletcher look at Oliver and said "my dad we do everything together he one of my best friends". Fletcher look at in his bag and pull a jar of pickles and said "want a pickle?" Oliver said "yeah at home I eat it with Ketchup". Fletcher said "you do I do to" as he grab a bottle of Ketchup.  Oliver and Fletcher was siting in the bed Fletcher look at Oliver  and said "what your dad  like is he a workaholic that said "talk to you latter pal and never dose I hate". Oliver look at Fletcher and said "I don't have a dad, I had one suppose but my mom don't like to talk about him' . Fletcher look away and said "scary no one can stay together". Oliver look at Fletcher and said "how old are you?" Oliver said "I am going to be 17 on November 3.  Fletcher said "so am I".  Fletcher "that scary, hey it stop raining want to get a Popsicle or something?" Fletcher walk outside and Oliver stop him and said "Fletcher, what your mom like". Fletcher look at Oliver and said "don't know she and my dad split when I was baby maybe before he don't talk about her but I know she was very pretty". Oliver said "how do you know that".  Fletcher said "my dad had this old  photo on his desk he caught me looking at all the time".   Fletcher look at Oliver and started to cry "so my mom is your mom and my dad is your dad and we are both born on November 3. We are brothers," Oliver look at Fletcher and said "brothers, Fletcher we are twins". The two boys hug. Fletcher  whip his tears and said "one more thing on the my grandparents gave me a cross  it say  Fletcher" .Oliver smile and said "mine say Oliver i bet your grandparents gave it to me before mom and dad split".

Set the trap

That night Fletcher and Oliver lay on the Fletcher's bed. Oliver look at his new brother and said "what dad like?' Fletcher smile and said "He great he own a restaurant call Qumiby's he open it when we were 3 years old it popular. " Oliver smile and ask "what type of food dose it have". Fletcher said "burgers and fries". Oliver said "cool".  Fletcher look at his brother and said "what about mom?" Oliver look up and look over at Fletcher and said "she is international designer." The twins lay on the bed it took a couple minutes just than Fletcher got "oh  I just got a really good Ideal". He look at Oliver and said "I just got an ideal you want to meet dad". Oliver nod Fletcher when on and "I am dying to know mom". Fletcher look at his brother and said "we should switch places". Oliver gave Fletcher a weird look and said "Switch places?" Fletcher smile and said "yeah, when camp is over I will go Philly as you and you go to California as me". Oliver got up and walk around and said "you known they have to UN switch us". Fletcher nod and say "after all the years". Oliver side point and said "you are very smart my brother". Fletcher show Oliver his house "this is the dining room we eat in there on 3 days a year Thanksgiving, Christmas and November 3dr ." Fletcher show Oliver his family "This is my Lab his name is Vincent he is named after Van go and this is dad's business partner Pete and this is Claudia, my Nanny."  Oliver smile and said "oh, OK, my turn and he was showing a photos of his family "this is grandfather we call him Pa and this is Mort our butler".  Fletcher said "we have a butler". Oliver said "yep".  Fletcher and said "I don't bite my nails" . Oliver look at Fletcher and said "mom will know". Fletcher bit his nails.Fletcher look at his brother and said "you have to cut your hair since I bit my nails" .Oliver look at Fletcher and said "no, no, no",  Fletcher look at his bother and said "why would my hair look difference and I bit my nails for you". Fletcher look at the watch he wore and said "Oliver, take my watch ". Oliver said "OK".

Going home

It was the last day of camp. Everyone was saying goodbyes. Lou to Emma, Tiffany and Zuri "I am going to miss my little Woodchucks". The four did a sad woodchuck salute and hug. Oliver and Fletcher was talking to each other and Oliver look at Flecther and said "so you are going to find out how they meet". Fletcher said "and you are going to find out why they broke up". Gladys call "bus one is here." Oliver look and saw Kaz and said "that my bud Kaz Duncan he the coolest guy he I know and here take my phone". Fletcher and Oliver gave the other their phones.  Kaz look and saw Oliver leave he got to Fletcher and said "buddy, I hope you that you did not talk about Skylar with Qumiby". Kaz joke "maybe Chase made his move on her"  Fletcher  look at Kaz and said "who Chase?" They got on their buses. Oliver look at Angus and said "I might sleep for days". Angus look at Oliver and said  "Oliver Fox  was that bad?" Oliver said "you have no ideal." Kaz look at Fletcher and said "ready to see your girl". Fletcher "I really ready see my mom". Kaz look shock and said "your mom". Fletcher look at Kaz and said "I miss Skylar too but just looking forward to my mom". Kaz nod and said :" OK and I will help with Chase if he starts" Fletcher said "OK, who Chase?"

Fletcher meets his mom

Fletcher got off the plane and saw a man holding a sign  Mort said "Mr. Fox."  Fletcher said "hey Mort". Fletcher  look at  Kaz and said "I will catch up with you later." Kaz look at Fletcher and said "OK man". Fletcher and Mort left. Fletcher got to Oliver's house and Bridget saw her son and said "honey your back". They hug and Bridget said "it fell like a lifetime" and Fletcher said "you know have no ideal" , She look at his hands and said "why are your nails are a mess", Fletcher look worry and said "sorry mom". just than Oliver's house phone rang and Fletcher answer it was Kaz telling him to come to Dave and Buster he look at Bridget and she said "honey, you can spend time with your friends. I have to get to the office". Fletcher said "but mom".  Bridget look at Fletcher and said "tell you what you can help me at work for an hour than you can see your friends". Fletcher smile and said "deal".

Time with mom at her job

Fletcher was in Bridget's Interior Design. Fletcher look at Bridget's designs and he smile and said "that where I get my love of art from". Bridgett and her collage Maggie was talking about lacking about colors and had a hard time choosing color scheme for a living room. Fletcher was amazed by all Bridget's older designs. Bridget was getting upset and she and Maggie was fighting. Maggie look at Fletcher and said "Oliver!" Fletcher look up and point to himself. Maggie nod and Fletcher walk over and said "what up?"  Bridget look at her son and said "we need your help sweetie". Fletcher said "OK". Maggie look at Fletcher and said "Oliver, your mother and I can't agree on a color scheme I want a warm traditional but your mom want industrial chic". Fletcher sat in his mom's chair and said "let me look". He look at all the designs and said "the Seaside sophisticate."  Maggie and Bridget was amazed and Bridget look at Fletcher and said "good choice honey". Maggie smile and said "good pick kiddo". Fletcher smile and Bridget said "will use Oliver's pick." Just than Oliver's phone ring and Fletcher answers "hello". Kaz on the other line said "Oliver, man you want to go to  Dave and Buster". Fletcher look at Bridget and said "hang on Kaz, mom? can I hang out with my friends?" Bridget said "home by 10". Fletcher got  back on the phone and said "see you soon Kaz". Kaz said "bye my man". Fletcher kiss Bridget goodbye and head out to see his friends will really Oliver's friends.

Fletcher meets Oliver's friends

Fletcher got to Dave and Buster, He saw Kaz and said "what up buddy". Adam, Daniel, Jack and Leo walk over and Daniel said "welcome home pal". Fletcher and Daniel fist pound. Leo look at him and said "how was camp". Fletcher said "good". Gus  walk over and saw Fletcher and said "Oliver, want half of this apple?" Fletcher nod and took and about to eat it when Gus said "some people just toss some good stuff". Jordan walk over and said "he found that in the trash". Fletcher made a weird look and toss the apple in the trash. Adam said "I will eat it than". Fletcher wipe his hands and said "my brother have a weird friend". Fletcher went back out and saw Bree, Kim and Angela walk over. Angela was the first to speak to him "hey Oliver". Fletcher smile and said "hi". Kim sat on Jack's lap and said "Bree, Angela and I was talking and you are not aloud to leave for camp next year. Fletcher look at his brother's friends and said "why". Bree look at Fletcher and said "Skylar have to fight off my brother Chase all summer". Kim add and "she said she miss you". Fletcher look at Bree and said "your brother like my girl?" Angela look at him said "you and Chase have been rivals since 6th grade". Fletcher look at Oliver's friends and said "let check this out". 

Oliver's rival and girlfriend

Chase smile and put a glass with two straws and said "Skylar, would you care to have a dank of lemonade with me". Skylar look at Chase and said "for the 20th time Chase I have a boyfriend". Chase laugh and said "yeah Ollie boy you need a real man like me".  Skylar look up and saw Fletcher and said "Babe, your home". She ran to Flecther she kiss Flecther and said "I miss you Ollie".  Fletcher smile and said "I miss you too Skylar". Chase saw Flecther and said "Fox, welcome home and your girl deiced to leave you and go out with me". Fletcher look at Chase and saw he was making him mad. Leo look at Chase and said "don't do it". Chase look at Fletcher and when on and said "Skylar should be with a man you little mommy's boy and did you every found out who your daddy is?". Fletcher  was getting mad but Chase desired to leave he look back and said "Skylar, call me when you want to date a real man." Skylar hug Fletcher and said "Oliver, don't take what Chase said to heart". Kaz walk over and said "the dad card. That low". Daniel said "I will tell Chase to leave you alone". Skylar lay her head on Fletcher's shoulder and said "my poor baby". Flecther look at Oliver's Friends and said "I going home". Skylar look at Fletcher and said "Chase?" Fletcher shock his head and left.

Fletcher back home and ask about Dad

Fletcher got to Oliver's house and  he open the door and said "hey mom I'm home". Bridget smile and said "hey sweetie, did you have fun". Fletcher look at Bridget and said "I did until Chase show up." Bridget and Fletcher sat on the couch and she rub his back and said "Oliver, don't let Chase get to you". Fletcher look at Bridget and said "he made me think about dad". Bridget look away and said "Oliver, what you want to know about your dad". Fletcher smile and "how  did you two met?" Bridget said "we met on a airplane ride to California I was visit my friend who just move to Sacramento. After I visit my friend I visit your father". Flecther laugh and said "you and dad got serious huh". Bridget nod her head. Fletcher got up and said "thanks mom." Fletcher kiss Bridget's check and said "I wonder what dad is up too".

Oliver and Dad

At the San Fransisco airport Oliver walk of the plane he stop and look at Jerry Qumiby (his father) Oliver smile and said "dad" and Jerry said "Fletcher, Welcome home sport". Oliver ran to Jerry and said "dad, finally" and hug him. Jerry gave Oliver a hug and said "how was camp sport?" They got in Jerry's car and head home. Pete, Jerry's restaurant manger and his best friend come out. He walk out of his car him and said "hey big man welcome"  just than Fletcher's nanny Claudia came out and she said "welcome home handsome" and she and gave Oliver a hug  and Labrador walk up and stared to bark and said "hey Vincent, hey boy". But Vincent just bark and Claudia pet the dog said "crazy dog it's Fletcher". Oliver pet the lab and said "I must smell like camp". look at the dog and said "what a matter boy you act like you did,'t know him". Oliver walk to the back door and said "Claudia? who that?" and Oliver was in Fletcher's room and he said "your dad a big boy Fletcher." Oliver nod and said "OK but who is she?" Claudia said "her name is Winter Maddox she helping your dad expanded his restaurant. If you ask me you she better selling herself than the restaurant". Oliver look at Claudia and said "you don't think she really like him?"  Claudia sure and said "what I know you her Fletcher get to know and deiced for your self."

Jerry's girlfriend Winter

Jerry look up and said "there my boy, Fletcher there is someone I want you to meet" and he walk over and look at Oliver and said "son, this is Winter Maddox". Oliver wave and said "hey". Winter smile and said "Jerry, I can't believe I am meeting the famous Fletcher the way your dad talk about you I am though your where 8 years old". Oliver said "I will be 17 soon how old are you". Winter said" 29". Oliver was amazed and said "only 12 years older than me". Oliver look at Jerry and said "how old are you again dad?". Jerry laugh and said "some took a liking to math. I am going get some more hamburger". Jerry kiss Winter and when inside. Oliver started to get in the pool when Winter's phone rang and she said "I sorry but Mr Qumiby is going to be out of the country those days". Winter look up at Oliver and said "so how was camp Fletcher was it fabulous". Oliver gave Winter a look and said "my dad is leaving?"  Winter look up and said "just a little white lie to get him out of something."  Winter when on and said "You don't know how much a father talk about his son like Jerry talk about you you two must be close". Oliver was walking by the pool and said " we are closer than close we are all we each other have" he splash Winter and said "sorry". Jerry came out and said "had fun you two and your friends are here son'. Oliver dry off and said "bye dad".  

Fletcher's friends

They arrive at Qumiby's. Duce and Dina was selling Chyna some Madam Goo goo tickets. Duce "OK Chyna 20 bucks finally offer". Dina look at Chyna and said "you wont regret it". Chyna look at them and said "fine". Angus and Oliver walk in Chyna look at Oliver said "hi Fletchie" and kiss him. Oliver smile and said "to himself sorry Sky." and he kiss Chyna on her cheek. Chyna look at  Oliver and said "how was Camp baby?". He smile and said "It was good".  Oliver and Chyna held hands. Oliver look at Chyna and said "want to do something tonight" Chyna smile and kiss him and Oliver and Chyna join her friends. Ty, Rocky and CC were dancing and Oliver said "wow". CC look and said "we going to defend our title at the dance off at school. Chyna look at them and said "you still want me to sing for you guys".  Ty, Rocky and CC nod and Ty said "yeah" and Rocky said "please Chyna." Chyna look at Rocky and said "yeah guys I will I promise". Oliver smile at his brother's friends.

Oliver and Fletcher Changes

Back in Philly  Kaz, Leo, Gus and Fletcher were heading comics and Fletcher look bored and Kaz gave him a high five and look at him and said "Oliver,you can't be bored." Fletcher look at Kaz and said "sorry just tired, man". Leo walk over and said "I found the Batman comic I was looking for". Fletcher look at and said "who that?" Leo gave him a look and said "what wrong with you Oliver? you love Comics". Fletcher look at all of Oliver's friends he was worried they might tell he not Oliver. Fletcher though of something and said "tired from mom's job". All the boys laugh just than their friend Jack walk in and said "what funny". Gus look at Jack and said "Oliver is tired form his mom's job". Jack stated to laugh and Kaz look at Fletcher and said "Oliver, man you act change". Fletcher look at clock in the comic store and said "I am going meet up with Skylar" and he left. Meanwhile Oliver at his dad restaurant and he had a pile of Paper on the floor and Fletcher's friend Duce walk in and saw and said "camp must took you art skills. Oliver look at the pictures and said "they are that bad?" Duce nod and Oliver turn them into balls. just than Chyna walk in and saw Oliver and said "Fletchie". Oliver and Duce shake hands and Duce left. Chyna gave Oliver a hug and "said want to do something tonight?" Oliver smile and said "OK, here at 7?" and Chyna smile and said "It's a date" .

Date trouble

Fletcher call his brother to get Skylar's address and he walk to the Valentine home and rag the door a woman open the door and Fletcher look confuse and said "do I got the right house?" Her mom answers and said "hello, to you Oliver she look at him and said "come in Oliver". Fletcher look at her and said "I have the right house?"and said . Horace walk up and said "Hello Oliver". Fletcher look worry as he saw him  walk up and sat with him .He look at Fletcher and said "where are you two going tonight". Fletcher look at him and said "Pizza zone". Skylar come down and said "hey Ollie bear" Skylar and Fletcher hug and she look at her dad and said "I won't be out late bye mom and dad". He just said "Home by 10:30". Fletcher nod and said "yes sir". Fletcher and Skylar was holding hand but Fletcher pull his hand out and she said "Ollie". Fletcher look at her and feel like he was missing Chyna. Skylar lean in for a kiss but Fletcher turn away. Skylar look at him and said "Ollie, sweetie, what wrong?" Fletcher smile and said "nothing Skylar, honey". Skylar look at the paper and said "who is that? That not me." Fletcher look at her and worried that she could figure he not Oliver. Fletcher look at her and said "Sky, honey she just a friend". Skylar look at him and said "Take me home Oliver Fox". Fletcher try to kiss her and but Skylar refuse she was mad. Fletcher mumble to himself "I hope you have fun Oliver with Chyna." Meanwhile Oliver and Chyna met up at Oliver and Fletcher's dad restaurant Oliver smile and said "hey". Chyna smile and gave him a kiss and he open the door He saw a cook name Ricky and he way to Oliver and Chyna. They way back and they sat down and Oliver hand her a flower and she said "why don't you draw a picture of me and the flower. But Oliver shake his head no and he started to tell her about his favorite superhero Superman and she look at him and said "I don't like superheros". Oliver was shock and said "You don't. are you having fun?" Chyna said "No. Fletcher, I am not" Oliver was sad and said "I will take you home." Oliver and Chyna left Qumiby's and he took her home. Both boys cost his brother his girlfriend.

The call

The phone ring and Bridget yell "can someone get that!" Mort walk over and said "Fox residents Oliver?" Fletcher walk over and said "yes Mort?" He look at him and said "it Jacob Little it sound like your twin". Fletcher fake laugh and said "my twin very funny Mort". He took the phone and said "hello oh, Jacob, how are you doing?" Oliver whisper and said "how is it going over there?" Fletcher look out and said "said we have a clear night but hang on Jacob" and he lock himself in the bathroom and turn on the light. He went back on the phone and said "OK, now I can talk mom is amazing I can't believe I went my whole life not knowing her and I got her to tell me about how they first met and if you ask me the whole thing is-" Oliver said "Fletcher stop you have to bring mother out here immediately". Fletcher protest and said "no, I won't I want more time with her". Oliver said "but this is emergency dad's in love". Fletcher laugh and said "very funny dad doesn't fall in love not serious". Oliver went on and said "he serious he always holding her hand kissing her neck and waiting on her hand and foot". Fletcher was in shock and said "he is?" Oliver add one more thing "it disgusting". Fletcher shook his head and said "us mom and dad our the only ones in love with remind me how was your date?" Oliver said "bad. yours?" Flecther said "bad, we do damaged control soon we are back with them" Oliver "let just tell them maybe they can help". Fletcher said "I will tell Skylar the truth tomorrow". Oliver said "and I will tell the truth to Chyna". Fletcher said "night Oliver" and Oliver said "night Fletcher".

Chyna and Skylar learn the truth

Oliver walk to the Parks house and rang the door and Chyna's mom Roxanne answer the door. Roxanne look at him and said "hello Fletcher". She let Oliver in and said "Chyna,you have company". Chyna com down and look at him and said "I have nothing to say to you". Oliver look at her and said "Chyna please let me explain". She look at him and said "this must be good". Oliver took a breath and said "I am not Fletcher, I am his brother Oliver".  Chyna look at him and said "what?" Chyna shake her head and said "Fletcher, you don't have a brother". Oliver look at her and said "I am Oliver not Fletcher did he every tell you about his mom?" Chyna shake her head. Oliver look at Chyna and said "his mom had twin boys. Fletcher and I, our parent split when we were babies our dad kept him and our mom kept me". Chyna look at him and said "I never know that". Oliver pull his photos and said "this is the reason I can't kiss you one of them". Chyna look and said "your girlfriend"? Oliver nod. Back in Philly, Fletcher waited for Skylar and saw her dad and her pull up and Horace said "hello Oliver". Fletcher stop Skylar and said "I know you were avoiding me but I should tell you something". Skylar look at Fletcher and said "I really upset with you Oliver". Fletcher look at her and said "please". Skylar look at him and said "fine". Fletcher look at her and said "this will explain everything". Skylar nod and keep letting Fletcher talk "I am not Oliver". Skylar look at him and said "what?" Fletcher look at Skylar and said "my name is Fletcher, I am his twin brother". Skylar look at him and said "Ollie, I know you since we were 10. " Fletcher shake his head and said "I am his brother we meet at camp. Our parents split when we were babies and our dad took me and our mom keep him." Skylar said "you are my boyfriend's brother". Fletcher nod and said "I am". Just than his phone ring and Fletcher answer it "hello?" Oliver was on the other end and said "just told Chyna". Fletcher nod and said "here with Skylar". Chyna and Skylar look over the boys shoulder and said at the same time "You were not lying". Skylar smile and said "hey sweetie" and Chyna said "hey baby". Oliver said "hi honey" and Fletcher said " hi darling" . Chyna said "twins". Oliver look at her and said "we told you if we know". Fletcher nod and said "yeah". Skylar think and said "I have 2 questions". Oliver and Fletcher and said "what that?" Skylar "why the switch?" Oliver said "we are trying to get our parents back together". Skylar shroud and said "OK, good reason and two, have you told your parents." Fletcher look at Oliver and said "I will tell mom tomorrow". That night he told Mort.

Fletcher tells Bridget the truth

The next morning Fletcher got up and knock on Bridget's door. Bridget look up and saw him and said "hi sweetie, come on in" Fletcher walk in Bridget's room and sat on her bed. Bridget look at Fletcher and said "have a couple designs to show and after that we can spend the day together". Fletcher look at her and said "I can't, I have to go some where today". Bridget pull the cover and said "Oliver". Fletcher said from under the covers "that where I have to go and see Oliver". Bridget play along and said "and were would Oliver be?" Fletcher from under the covers "In San Francisco with his father, Jerry Qumiby". It hit Bridget she pull the covers and saw Fletcher and said "your not Oliver". Fletcher shake his head and said "yep". Bridget said "your Fletcher". Fletcher look at her and said "Oliver and I meet at camp and deiced to switch and I hope your not mad because I love you and I hope you can love me as me and not Oliver". Bridget hug her son and said "oh sweetie, I love you your hold life, why didn't you tell me". Fletcher kiss Bridget's arm. Bridget wipe Fletcher's tears. Bridget look at Fletcher and said "don't worry honey I will take care of every thing." A few days later Bridget and Fletcher were getting ready to go see Jerry and Oliver. Skylar came over and said "hey Fletcher" Bridget call out "Honey , Skylar can't stay". Skylar said "I just came to say bye to Fletcher". Bridget was surprise and said "she call you Fletcher". Fletcher said "I told her first" . Mort call out "Mr. Qumiby, Ms. Fox are you ready". Fletcher shake Skylar's hand and said "see ya".

Flyna and Family

After a 6 hours flight from Philadelphia. Fletcher, Bridget and Mort made it to San Fransisco. Fletcher call his brother to tell him they arrived.Fletcher took his mom to his house and saw his girl Chyna and his brother. Chyna walk over and gave him a hug. Oliver said "Fletcher it is good to see you bro". Bridget saw Oliver and said "hey honey". Oliver look at her and said "hey mom" .He hug her and  Bridget was in tears and said "the last time I saw the both of you. You guys were 2 months old". She hug both of her sons. Fletcher look at her and said "two months Hun". Oliver look at her and said "that sad you did not tell me I had a brother". Bridget look at Oliver and said "sorry baby boy". Oliver hug her. Bridget open her other arm and put Fletcher in it. Chyna came out and Fletcher walk over and said "Darling". Fletcher kiss her and look at Bridget and said "mom, this is Chyna, my girlfriend". Bridget nod and said "hello, Chyna". Chyna said "hi Oliver and Fletcher's mom." Bridget look at her and said "it nice to meet you". Bridget look around and said "where your father?" Fletcher look at her and said "we need to tell you something".

Telling mom

Bridget look at her sons and said "I repeat where is your father". Fletcher "we need your help to stop dad from making a mistake". Oliver look at her and said "mom, daddy is getting married". Fletcher went on were Oliver left off and said "to Curella Devill mom you can't let him. Bridget look form Oliver on her right and Fletcher on her left and said "you are not setting me up with your". Fletcher said "we are". Bridget said "Jerry Qumiby and I have nothing in common...anymore and Oliver said "two things you have in common". Bridget said "I need something".Oliver: What do you need? 10:24 Superbionic 2009 Bridget: lie down 10:24 Chase McFly Fletcher: Why? C'mon Mom Come to CA Do it for us 10:26 Superbionic 2009 Bridgett: ok sweetie 10:26 Chase McFly BRB 10:27 Superbionic 2009 ok 10:29 Chase McFly Back 10:33 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: mom let go find dad 10:33 Chase McFly Bridget: Good idea Do you know where he lives Bridget: Fine, where is he? 10:34 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: we are at the hotel Fletcher: I will go find him 10:35 Chase McFly Fletcher goes up stairs and sees Jerry Fletcher: Dad, I know. About Oliver and Mom. She's here 10:36 Superbionic 2009 Jerry: you do what is she doing here 10:36 Chase McFly Fletcher: Oliver and I swapped places She's here to give me back And 10:37 Superbionic 2009 Jerry: at Camp? and what 10:37 Chase McFly Fletcher: Yes And stop you from marrying Winter 10:38 Superbionic 2009 I am marrying winter son 10:38 Chase McFly Fletcher: But you can't 10:38 Superbionic 2009 Your mother and I are over 10:38 Chase McFly She's evil But Ollie and I 10:38 Superbionic 2009 I don't Belive you son 10:40 Chase McFly Fletcher: Mom is right down that hallway with Fletcher

  • Oliver

Go over Go talk to her 10:40 Superbionic 2009 Jerry: ok he walk up the hallway hello Bridget

Jerry talks to bridget

idget: Jerry! How unexpected How have you been? 10:48 Superbionic 2009 Jerry: suprise to see you good 10:48 Chase McFly Bridget: So I have Oliver You have Fletcher What's this I hear about you getting married? 10:49 Superbionic 2009 Jerry: yeah that what we said yes her name is winter 10:49 Chase McFly Bridget: I'll be pleased to meet her 10:50 Superbionic 2009 Jerry: ok Winter honey I want you meet some one 10:51 Chase McFly Winter: Who is it? 10:53 Superbionic 2009 this is my ex wife Bridget Fox she mother of my sons oh Fletcher have a twin name Oliver 10:54 Chase McFly Winter: Nice to meet you Bridget And you to, Oliver 10:54 Superbionic 2009 Briget; Hello Oliver: we meet winter I was here being my brother 10:55 Chase McFly Winter: You look very divine Bridget Oh 10:56 Superbionic 2009 Fletcher: It me who you never met Bridget: thank you 10:56 Chase McFly Winter: I've seen you before Fletcher 10:56 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: Fletcher this is not good mom Like winter 10:57 Chase McFly Fletcher: We should do something to make her think otherwise 10:57 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: agree 10:58 Chase McFly Fletcher: Let's make a plan If Mom says she wants to go home We'll make sure She can't tell which of us is which I'm hungry 11:02 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: ok let go make a plan and you can go eat 11:02 Chase McFly (Fletcher leaves) (He comes back with a popsicle and Oliver's clothes)

Who's Fletcher and Who's Oliver

Fletcher: i'm ready to put the plan in action (licks posicle) Bridget: Come, Oliver, time to go home 11:28 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: what (lick Posicle) hang on mom 11:29 Chase McFly Bridget: Wait a minute... 11:29 Superbionic 2009 ok 11:30 Chase McFly (grabs Fletcher's arm, Jerry walsk in) Jerry: Excuse me Fletcher? 11:30 Superbionic 2009 Fletcher: yeah dad 11:30 Chase McFly Oliver: yeah Dad? 11:31 Superbionic 2009 Bridget: boys what going on 11:31 Chase McFly Jerry: That isn't very funny, boys 11:31 Superbionic 2009 Oliver let go home 11:32 Chase McFly (Who said that) 11:32 Superbionic 2009 (Brig) 11:32 Chase McFly (Ok) Fletcher: Are you sure he's Oliver? 11:33 Superbionic 2009 Bridget: I know my son 11:34 Chase McFly Oliver: Daddy I am excited for the wedding Fletcher: dad I am excited for the wedding Bridget: Stop it boys 11:35 Superbionic 2009 Jerry: Boys! one call me daddy 11:36 Chase McFly Fletcher; I call you both Daddy Oliver: i call you both Daddy 11:36 Superbionic 2009 Bidgett: Oliver Rye Fox! 11:37 Chase McFly Fletcher: Yes? Oliver: yes? 11:38 Superbionic 2009 Bridget: what we do Jerry 11:38 Chase McFly Jerry: How about you stay here for a couple days. Until everything is sorted out I'm going to take the boys and Winter on a campiing trip 11:39 Superbionic 2009 Bridget: ok Oliver: dose Winter have to come 11:40 Chase McFly Oliver: Winter? But it's a family vacation Jerry: She is coming You need bonding 11:40 Superbionic 2009 Fletcher: But daddy 11:41 Chase McFly JerryL: What? 11:41 Superbionic 2009 we hate her and If it just 3 of us we will tell you who Oliver and who Fletcher 11:42 Chase McFly Jerry I'm sorry but no Get packed kids 11:42 Superbionic 2009 Both: ok

Camping trip

  • Chase McFly Sure
  • Next, the camping trip....
  • 10:45 Superbionic 2009 yep we doing great
  • 10:45 Chase McFly
  • Jerry: Both of you must be in the backseat
  • 10:47 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: ok dad
  • 10:48 Chase McFly Fletcher: Ok dad
  • Chyna: Bye guys
  • 10:49 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: Chyna!
  • (he hug her)
  • 10:49 Chase McFly Chyna: Good to see both of you at once
  • Fletcher: Oliver can you not hug my GF
  • 10:50 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: she my friend now
  • 10:50 Chase McFly Fletcher: I know, I know
  • 10:50 Superbionic 2009 I was not going Kiss her
  • 10:50 Chase McFly (hugs Chyna)
  • 10:51 Superbionic 2009 Chyna: Be good boys
  • 10:51 Chase McFly Flwetcher: don't worry we will
  • (They get in and leave)
  • 10:53 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: i just though of something seeing chyna
  • 10:53 Chase McFly Fletcher: What?
  • 10:54 Superbionic 2009 when we get mom and dad back togehter one of us will have to leave their love
  • 10:54 Chase McFly Fletcher: No
  • Chyna can move to Philly with us
  • Or Skylar can move to CA with us
  • 10:55 Superbionic 2009 but what about their familes
  • ask mom and dad adopted them?
  • they be are sister
  • 10:56 Chase McFly We can convince their parents to move too
  • 10:58 Superbionic 2009 hey dad I have a queastion
  • 10:59 Chase McFly Jerry: hyes?
  • Yes
  • You are now away.
  • 11:10 Superbionic 2009 Fletcher: what should we do adout Chyna and Skylar
  • You are no longer away.
  • 11:10 Chase McFly Oliver: Maybe we can hav eone of them go to teh same collehe as us
  • If we can't get their families to ,move
  • The
  • Coollege
  • 11:12 Superbionic 2009 or us 4 apiled after the camp out let call skylar and have chyna over and see what they say
  • 11:12 Chase McFly Ok
  • 11:12 Superbionic 2009 Let take care of step mom frist
  • 11:13 Chase McFly She's not step-mom yet
  • 11:13 Superbionic 2009 Let hope not
  • brb
  • 11:14 Chase McFly Ok
  • 11:16 Superbionic 2009 back
  • got me a snack
  • 11:16 Chase McFly K
  • 11:17 Superbionic 2009 Jerry: we are here
  • 11:17 Chase McFly Winter: woonderful
  • jerry, you set things up
  • I am taking the boys hiking
  • We have trailnux and water
  • And bug repellent
  • Trailmix
  • Bye honey
  • (kisses Jerry)
  • 11:19 Superbionic 2009 Jerry: ok and boys I will Talk to the parks and um Oliver your girlfriend family
  • (he kiss her)
  • 11:19 Chase McFly Oliver: They are the Valntines
  • Bye
  • (They head off)
  • 11:20 Superbionic 2009 be good have fun
  • 11:20 Chase McFly Winter: Oliver, tell me a bit about yourself.
  • 11:21 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: ok I am from Phily, My best friend is Kaz and I have a girlfriend name skylar I like comic books
  • 11:22 Chase McFly Winter: very nice
  • 11:23 Superbionic 2009 and I want my mom and dad get back togheter
  • 11:23 Chase McFly Winter: They're not getting back together
  • 11:23 Superbionic 2009 we see about that
  • 11:28 Chase McFly Winter: Want some traimix?
  • I got it from a scout troop
  • 11:28 Superbionic 2009 ok
  • Fletcher get the trialmix
  • (he come back with a stink bug)
  • 11:29 Chase McFly Winter: Here is teh trailmix
  • Fletcher put that stinkbug down
  • (grabs handful of trailmix)
  • 11:30 Superbionic 2009 Fletcher: can I have the bag
  • 11:30 Chase McFly Winter: Help youself
  • 11:31 Superbionic 2009 Fletcher: thanks
  • 11:31 Chase McFly Winter: No pproblem
  • 11:32 Superbionic 2009 hey Oliver want some
  • 11:32 Chase McFly Oliver: I got it
  • Mm, this is good
  • (puts bug in)
  • Winter have some more
  • 11:33 Superbionic 2009 Fletcher: Here you go
  • Oliver: thanks Win
  • 11:34 Chase McFly Winter: What do you mean thanks
  • I'm the one whoo's getting more
  • As Oliver bsaid
  • Mm...
  • Good stuff-aaah!
  • (winter trips over a rock)
  • 11:35 Superbionic 2009 Jerry: Honey!
  • what wrong
  • 11:35 Chase McFly Fletcher: sorry Dad
  • While we were on our hike
  • A stinkbug got in the trailmix
  • She screamed and tripped on a rock
  • And it knocked her unconscious
  • 11:36 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: yeah
  • 11:36 Chase McFly We ran a mile down the trail
  • carrying her
  • Hufinga s fast as we could
  • 11:36 Superbionic 2009 Jerry: help me carry her
  • 11:37 Chase McFly And now we're out of breath. And out of camp
  • We are alreadyc arrying her
  • 11:37 Superbionic 2009 brb
  • 11:37 Chase McFly (puts her on bed)
  • There we go
  • liver: Winter, wake up
  • 11:39 Superbionic 2009 winter: You two!
  • I am fine
  • 11:41 Chase McFly Jerry: are my osns hiding soemthing?
  • Sons'

It's Winter or them

We didn't finsih the camping Our last line is Jerry: Are my two sons hiding something? 7:50 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: Fletch should we tell him 7:51 Chase McFly PM Fletcher: Let's say not Let's just go get ready for bed I ahve some plans 7:59 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: ok 7:59 Chase McFly (They go) Fletcher: So I have something in mind We prank Winter 8:01 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: yeah we prank each other at camp 8:01 Chase McFly Hmm... We can get some syrup And pur it all over her 8:02 Superbionic 2009 That good Or honey 8:03 Chase McFly Even better And we can tie her up with muntain climbing rope And stuff cold noodles down her clothes 8:03 Superbionic 2009 yeah Oliver: it nice be on the same side 8:05 Chase McFly What? BRB 8:08 Superbionic 2009 ok 8:23 Chase McFly What did you say I don't understand 8:25 Superbionic 2009 I don't kmow 8:25 Chase McFly Oh Oliver: it nice be on the same side 8:26 Superbionic 2009 yeah 8:26 Chase McFly What the heck does that even mean? 8:26 Superbionic 2009 to be on the same side of the prank 8:26 Chase McFly Ok (They set the prank up) 8:28 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: this be good 8:28 Chase McFly The next day... 8:30 Superbionic 2009 Winter wake up and saw her sleeping bag cover in honey and Bees flying around: AHHHHHHH!!!!! 8:31 Chase McFly Jerry: What happened 8:31 Superbionic 2009 Bees Bees she ran outside swaping the bee 8:32 Chase McFly Jerry: Winter calm down Where did the bees come from 8:33 Superbionic 2009 Come down I bet I know where they come from YOUR SONS 8:33 Chase McFly Jerry: That's preposterous Oliver, Fletcher? 8:35 Superbionic 2009 so Jerry when we get married i am sending them to military school so make your choice them or me Oliver: dad 8:35 Chase McFly Jerry: I've known my boys forever My pride and joy I could never let them go So them 8:35 Superbionic 2009 what? 8:36 Chase McFly Jerry: I said them My boys I choose them 8:37 Superbionic 2009 Winter take off her ring and trow at Jerry and walk away Fletcher: thanks dad 8:38 Chase McFly Jerry: Anything for my boys Let's go home 8:38 Superbionic 2009 Oliver: You been Out of my life for 17 years and that mean a lot 8:39 Chase McFly Jerry; Yes it does 8:39 Superbionic 2009 !6 years 16 Oliver hug Jerry 8:40 Chase McFly Jerry hugs him back 8:40 Superbionic 2009 Fletcher: let go

Jerry and Bridget get close

Going back to Philly

Jerry comes after Bridget


Move to Philly

Scaring Chase

2nd wedding

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