• Base on Tkdp's Broken Crown (it a song too)
  • Oliver and Flecther are brothers and their last name is Qumiby
  • Skylar and Olive are step sister.
  • Skylar and Oliver are in love
  • Fletcher and Olive are enemy and are in love
  • They go to Logan Webster High
  • Skylar's dad Horace Valentine is dating and is moved in with Olive and her mom Diane Doyle
  • Oliver is one year younger than Fletcher.
  • They all live in Philly
  • Skylar's real mom die 7 years ago her name was Julie when she was 10
  • Olive's parents are divorce
  • Trent is the PE teacher
  • Oliver and Skylar are 17
  • Flecther and Olive are 18
  • Chyna is a double agent they use to interfere in the romance between Oliver and Skylar
  • Fletcher and Olive are scare of PJ Duncan
  • Olive's dad is name James Doyle
  • Olive have a power call The bossy glare
  • They will be a sequel

9th Graders

  • Riley Mathews

10th Graders

  • Leo Dooley
  • London Tipton
  • Marcus Davenport
  • Maddie Fitzpatrick

11th Graders

  • Oliver Qumibys
  • Kaz Duncan
  • Bree Davenports
  • Skylar Valentine
  • Cody Martin
  • Bailey Pickett
  • Gabe Duncan
  • Jordan

12th Graders

  • Flecther Qumibys
  • Chyna Parks
  • Olive Doyle
  • Angus Chestnuts
  • Maddie Rooney
  • Josh Matthews
  • Chase Davenport
  • Liv Rooney
  • Reese Duncan
  • Zack Martin
  • Marcus Little
  • Stefanie


  • Trent- P.E. Teacher
  • Mosby- principal
  • Emma Mosby-History teacher 11th grade
  • Cory Mathews- History teacher 9th grade
  • Douglas Davenport- robotics club/ science teacher grade  11th and 12 grade


  • PJ Duncan (Kaz's older brother)
  • Adam Davenport