I like  as family

  • Brady/Boz/Boomer and Lanny from Pair of Kings, Marcus from Suite Life, Oliver from Hannah Montana and Luther from Zeke and Luther
  • Riley from Girl meets world, Skylar from Mighty med and Molly and Cleo from Invisible sister, Auggie from girl meets world
  • Fletcher from ANT Farm and Oliver from Mighty med
  • Pj, Teddy, Gabe, Charlie and Toby from Good Luck Charlie and Kaz from Mighty med and Juliet from Wizard of Waverly place
  • Bree from Lab rats, Salone from Kickin and Mae from How to build a better boy
  • Ben from Descedants, Spin from Lab rats and Doy from girl meets world
  • Lindy  and Logan from I didn't do it and Kim from Kickin'it
  • K.C Cooper from KC Undercover and Rocky Blue From Shake it up and Zoey Stevens from Zapped

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