I think it's time to look at this blog again. We need our ANT Farm pages to be more poular, to fully acknowledge the crossoevr feel of both shows. The following character pages I have provided below, along with my original text. Please check each page, comment, and edit it for more sections if you wnat adminr ights! Thanks!:

Chyna Parks

Fletcher Quimby

Olive Doyle

Cameron Parks

Angus Chestnut

Lexi Reed

Zoltan Grundy

I was looking through the popular pages, and it seems far more people like Lab Rats: Elite Force, and not ANT Farm. Listen, guys, this fanfiction wiki is for ANT Farm as well. Can this be respected? I would like people to check out all the ANT Farm-related articles, you don't have to only stick with what you who have not seen one of these shows have actally seen. But also remember that Lab Rats Elite Force is just as important to this wiki as ANT Farm. Don't let this blog discourage you, or change the pages that are the most popular. I really hope this being an ANT Farm-related wiki as well as Elite Force doesn't affect you guys. But c'mon, this si like everybody speaking of Lab Rats on the Elite Force Wiki. There's nothing wrong with that, but just remember: It's a fandom of two shows! Thanks.

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