Unraveled: The Last of Gao-Krane is the 20th episode of season 2 of Elite ANT Force.


Adam and Douglas finally receive new vision goggles. Douglas also gets awesome cybernetic legs.  Gao is still loose however, so Douglas decides to find him a new body while also making a plan. Gao has a surprise, the Elite Force was actually clones that had different parts of Adam's personalities in them, so the real Elite Force does not remember anything past their first battle with Roman and RikerGao is finally killed by being trapped in the body of Troy 2.0, as it explodes before he can possess Daniel or Bree again. Kaz is rescued and given a bionic arm. Chase finally gets his Possession Immunity power he'd been hoping for. The Saving Chase Time Squad disbands, and the Elite ANT Force reunites. Douglas has a big announcement, Maya's friends and their families will be on the island in six months as will Cyd and Shelby along with their friends and family. Chase announces he is leaving the team to be with his girlfriend. Fletcher and Olive become co-leaders of the Elite ANT Force. Maya stays on as a new member of the team, and Douglas stays on as the mentor and missions specialist, back up for the team. Maya gets a room on the island.


  • This is the season finale.
  • Chase, Adam, Daniel, Bree, Leo, and Kaz are all safe as of this episode.
  • All evil has been defeated, it seems.
  • This episode foreshadows a new spin-off to follow EAF's 3rd and last season, starring the casts of Best Friends Whenever and Sabrina Carpenter's Girl Meets World Co-Stars in addition to her.
  • Douglas has finally lost the blindness of his accident with Reese a few years prior.
  • This episode features the return of the real EF characters, who have been couped up in jars for 2 years. However, it won't be until The Fall of Five that they gain true memories of not being stuck in jars, but rather controlling their clones in Season 2 of Lab Rats: Elite Force. With that episode, Lab Rats: Elite Force is no longer canon, Lab Rats: Bionic Skylar is instead.