This article is about The original Troy, built by Giselle and later rebuilt by Janet.. You may be looking for Troy 2, his namesake and lookalike built by Chase when he was captured by Ricardo.
Troy West was an android, originally created by Giselle Vickers, and later revived by Janet Smythe.
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Troy was originally a false movie star android. Giselle Vickers created him. He was defeated by the Lab Rats characters. He later returned thanks to Janet Smythe, as his skeleton had been sitting abandoned and in one piece in the old bionic academy. Janet planned to blow up both academies, and decided to get supplies from the old one. She did start loving it, so much that she decided to leave the "haunted" one alone. In one timeline, Troy rebuilt Jupan, Stebert, and Grapey, destroyed the world, and may have murdered Maya's family. Fortunately, Shelby and Cyd went back in time and exploded Janet before she could reactivate Troy.

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