Time Wizards And ANTS Livin' The Suite Life To Take On The World is the Suite Life Of Time Wizards and ANTs Elite Force Meeting World theme song.







Everything is not what it seems

When you can have all you wanted by the simplest of means.

I know it sounds crazy,

But time doesn't face me.

Ever since it lost its hold on me!

Come along with us

Let's not make a fuss

We can write reports on books we never read

Speed up the time it takes to make our bed

That's what we said!

Cause we are a team full of talents, bionics, normal college kids, boat schoolers, time travelers, wizards, and superpowers.

If we didn’t have to save the world, we’d chat for hours!

We’re all exceptional,

Yeah, exceptional-

Faster, stronger…

More artistic, bigger memories, better music…

Researching, more alien, more super, more glitchy…

More worldly, more timey, more country, more scientific...

More magic, more pranking...

And so much more...

Than the average human!

That makes all of us special!

We’re advanced, naturally talented students…

In this Elite ANT Force along with bionics, time-travelers, impactful college kids, boat-going couples,supernatural beings, and superpowers!

When we all get together, we take on the world,

And we're careful not to mess with the balance of things..

Because everything is not what it seems.


We've been waiting,

For a day like this to come,

Struck like lightning, our hearts beating like a drum

On the edge of something wonderful

Face to face with changes what's it all about?

Life is crazy but we know, we can work it out

'Cause we're living the Suite Life!


We will save the world today!


Will we take on the world today?


Will we fly away or stay?

Whenever we get to...

I'll always be here with you!

Because everything is not...

What it seems!


  • While marketed as the theme song for Suite Life Of Time Wizards and ANTs Elite Force Meeting World, the show never went by that name. Max and Alex replaced Angus and Olive for all but 5 episodes, and Chyna and Fletcher were relegated to recurring.