The Pollywog Galaxy is a mirror galaxy to the Milky Way. It contains the planets of Caldera , Bowland, and Baaaaaaaaaah. It is where Olive Hashimoto met Commander Storm -in its oxygen belt between Caldera and Bowland. Tensions between two of its planets have been extremely high, especially since Bowland was destroyed, and all of its Arcturions stolen by citizens of Baaaaaaaaah. It is unknown if this is still the case, since Olive went back to 1992 and convinced Sadibow to wield her Arcturion power, therefore making this attack no longer happen, causing Skybow to become a hero instead of a villain and letting Crossbow get raised by her real mother, rather than the Connors family. This might mean that Crossbow has never been known as Angela Connors. However, Lindsay is not affected by this, considering that she was still shot down to Earth for unspecified reasons.