"The Pilgrim" was a deadly assassin in the service of the Time Masters. In her role, she performed kills bytraveling back in time and killing the younger selves of her victims, thus erasing the existence of a person.


At the behest of the Time Masters, The Pilgrim killed Kaylex Druzan at some point in his past, erasing his then-current self. Following that, she returned to her employers, who ordered Omega Protocols on Rip Hunter's team, except for Kendra Saunders and Rip Hunter himself for respective reasons. The Hunters, previously sent by the Time Masters were unsuccessful in this task.[1][2]

She traveled back to Central City in 1990 to take out a younger Mick Rory. However, she was stopped by Ray Palmer and then changed her focus to a younger version of Sara Lance. After travelling to 2007 she attacked the police station and took out multiple officers as well as Quentin Lance as they tried to stop her. She cornered Sara, but was stopped by the present day versions of Mick Rory and Sara. She fought Sara in hand to hand combat with Sara managing to disarm her. The Pilgrim was able to deprive Sara of her staffs. She started to overpower Sara but was thrown to the floor. The Pilgrim was able to retrieve her gun, however before she was able to shoot Sara she was hit with a blast from Mick Rory's Heat Gun. After failing on both occasions, she tried to kill Palmer in 2014 but was stopped by Jefferson Jackson and Rip, who used technology from Palmer to blow her out of the window. She then went back to 1993 to kill Jefferson as a baby, but he was spirited away by the team before she could get to him.[1]


The Pilgrim faces Rip Hunter's team. Switching tactics the Pilgrim proceeded by kidnapping family members of the team, using them to blackmail Rip into surrendering themselves. Rip offered her his younger self and that way she could stop the entire team from being formed by killing him. She agreed, but before she could take the young boy, the team attacked her during the trade. She was surrounded and they fired their weapons. She began to reflect their attacks backwards, but was stabbed by the younger Rip Hunter, which distracted her and led the team to disintegrating her into ash.[1]


The Pilgrim was completely ruthless, immoral, cruel and sadistic, as she was willing to kill infants, children, and other innocent people as painfully as she deemed necessary, in order to complete her missions. She was extremely arrogant and overconfident in her abilities and seemed to even enjoy taking out her targets. However, she underestimated Rip Hunter's cunning nature, as his younger self was able to injure her, leading to her death.[1]


Season 1

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