The Montoya-Eisenberg Conundrum is the second episode in Season 4 of Good Luck, Liv and Maddie's Kickin' Suite Time Wizard ANT World Bunkin' Force: Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division.


Jordan, Berry Jr, Tina, Berry, and Naldo Jr officially rejoin the BSSSD, which soon arrives in 2039. Heather has a paradoxical encounter with her younger self, so Scythian gets Kumiko's help to save her. However, a person named "Black Siren" is on their tail. Oliver, Jordan, Jackson, Berry Jr, Skylar, Bree, Natalie, John, Chyna, Robbie, Zoltan, Autumn, Winter, Paris, Justin, Fletcher, Angus, Clarie, Jesse, Brandon, and Olive form Group A and convince younger Barry that he should not have a license plate that reads "Secegr8", he should have a normal plate instead. Group A also puts film-producing objects in place of Cyd's architecture ones. Oliver personally requests that Barry Jr and Ann hold off the wedding until everyone gets back together. Then, he goes to Fletcher and Chyna's apartment and impersonates his younger self, brainwashing Fletcher. Back in the present, Zuri announces her intent to turn America back into a democracy from an elective monarchy, winning numerous supporters, much to the consternation of Evie. Joe, Annie, Ursula, Paul, Fred, Charles, Nancy, Ricardo, Edna, Seth, Ethan, and Scythian go visit Doug in prison and explain the circumstances of Chasity's death. Kaz gives Marie his ostrich farm, but it turns out Connor's mother lives there and his worried after Barry Sr and Connor were in an explosion near Zuri's maca tree. Shelly and the new Bionicstorm examine Douglas and find that his brain is shrinking, he will become brain-dead unless he is reunited with Chasity.