Super Sickbay Part 1: The Familiar Movie is the 6th episode of season 1 of Elite Life Of Time Wizards and ANTs Meeting World The Next Generation.


Jackson and Natalie go to the movies, and Kaz and Bree take John to a different theater to see the same movie. But when they see it, the movie is about two comic book fanboys named Veriol and Zak who discover a superhero hospital. Kaz, Natalie, and Bree scare everyone out of both theaters, and the family (as well as Jackson) gets together and discusses how they will sue the producers. However, they see that the names of the producers are Jordan Zuelsdorff and Gus Isaac! Going back to Philly, Bree and Kaz learn that they were betrayed by none other than Skylar. But all is not as it appears, Someone is back...

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