Super Sickbay is a fictional superhero hospital created in the Gus Isaac-Jordan Zuehsldorff film of the same name. It looks virtually identical to Mighty Med, but is more like a mirror image with all the Ms replaced by Ss. Veriol and Zak worked here. It is also where they met Rylie Rain. It was destroyed by shape-shifters, Ruthless and Roker, as revenge for removing their father Oddyseus. Its staff included the eccentric Morris "Lifuceo" Gonzalez, with the power to bring people back to life, his son, Adlon, who turned into animals whenever he tooted, burped, sneezed, coughed, or got frightened, Delphia, a big-headed alien,Gerald Isaacson, the brave, rich, stylish, heroic kid, and Johnnie Zinkeldorff, the crazy most-popular girl in school, the latter two of whom helped Veriol, Zak, and Rylie escape the destruction of Super Sickbay and kill Master Horror, Veriol's mom.