Super Powers are special abilities that give people capabilities beyond their natural species capabilities. They can be given with advanced genetic engineering (like Skylar Storm), or with a pre-birth genome in the case of mutants (like The Annihilator, Hapax the Elder and Ambrose), or interaction with outside stimuli or off-world energy, (like the Arcturion with Bridget, Kaz, Oliver, and Bree, or radioactive milk reacting with electricity in the case of Remix). In some cases, those who gain powers through the second means can then have offspring who inherit their mutant gene, (Optimo and Alan). However, superheroes cannot inject themselves with bionics, or they will glitch, causing their internal organs and skin to become pure superhero essence, making them go mad and lose all humanity.

Methods of Obtaining Superpowers

Comparison with Bionic Abilities

Comparison with Magic Powers


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