The Suite Time Wizard ANT Elite World Force is a new team in Suite Life Of Time Wizards And ANTs: Elite Force Meeting World that replaces the Elite ANT Force.


  1. Fletcher Quimby 
  2. Oliver Quimby
  3. Cyd Ripley
  4. Riley Matthews
  5. Chyna Parks
  6. Kaz Duncan
  7. Maya Hart
  8. Olive Doyle 
  9. Bree Davenport
  10. Shelby Marcus
  11. Lucas Friar
  12. Angus Chestnut 
  13. Leo Dooley
  14. Farkle Minkus
  15. Barry Eisenberg
  16. Naldo Montoya
  17. Douglas Davenport 
  18. Cody Martin
  19. Zack Martin
  20. Bailey Pickett
  21. London Tipton
  22. Josh Matthews
  23. Chase Davenport 
  24. Alex Russo 
  25. Max Russo


  • 15 years later, the next generation team had nearly twice as many members.

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