Time ANTs: Elite World Force is a new TV show that replaced Elite ANT Force, Girl Meets World, and Best Friends Whenever. It also features the Suite Life On Deck. In season 2, the Wizards (from Wizards Of Waverly Place) replaced the ANTs, although Chyna Anne McClain, Sierra McCormick, and Aedin Mincks made guest appearances. After Take On The Elite ANTs Whenever, the show had two more theme songs, ANTs Livin' The Suite Life World Whenever, which was updated to become Time Wizards And ANTS Livin' The Suite Life To Take On The World.


New evils have arrived in the world, and things get crazy. Oliver , Cyd , Riley , Chyna , Kaz, Shelby, Maya, Olive, Skylar, Barry, Lucas, Fletcher, Bree, Naldo, Farkle, Angus, Leo, and Douglas team up to form a powerful force to track down and get rid of this evil. However, a series of time-travel mishaps and family fights may very well delay this mission. Along the way, they are joined by Maya's boyfriend Josh, the Suite Life folks, and the wizards.