Skylarks is Scarlett's mysterious daughter who appears in the eponymous episode. She is part-human, very tricky,

and has a thing for Berry. Skylarks also hates Jordan, loves Super Sickbay, Gus and Jordan's Mighty Med fanfilm, and turned her mom back to evil to create an evil force consisting of them, AJ, Ricardo II, and Ren. Luckily, Evie killed her. However, Skylarks returned in Dangerous Delivery , stole Josh 's body, and escaped with Lexi and Ricardo III . She was killed along with Ricardo III in The Next Generation Attack. She had an uncle named Exportation, Jackson's real father. As Skylar is her aunt, Jackson is one of her cousins, but he still would be if Exportation had raised Jackson. She appeared in two more seasons, possessing Lexi, Juliet, Crossbow, and Maya, until she was finally killed by Teddy. Skylarks mispronounces names a lot, calling the Davenports the Wadenparts and their equivalents in Science Guinea Pigs the Padenwarts. She is portrayed by Scarlet Sanders, better known as Skylarks.