Sharp Harris was the obnoxious, rich neighbor of Derrick Vadenport who, along with his son Tonclay Harris, appeared briefly in Science Guinea Pigs 2.


Sharp is an ultra-rich man (even richer than Derrick). Ever since he moved to the neighborhood, he has been driving his car on Vadenport's property at night, disturbing A. DumbheadBringCatch, L.E.O. and Derrick from their sleep. When he challenged Vadenport to a stock-car race in which

the loser would have to give up the deed to their home, it was revealed that he paid Vadenport's pit crew to sabotage his stock-car. However he lost the race, meaning he and his son must now move.


Sharp is shown to be very arrogant and cocky (more than Derrick). Sharp  also posses a big ego saying that his house casts a shadow over Derrick's existence. He seems to think that money is everything.


  • In SPG 2, Sharp cheated by bribing the race car repairers to sabatoge Vadenport's car so he could win.
  • Sharp is said to be so rich that when he showed his balance to the others, he had to slide the screen three times on his phone to show so many 0's. 

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