Shapeshifting is the superpower to morph into anything. It is commonly used by Shapeshifters.


The main ability of the power is that it can cause the user to morph into anything. Shapeshifters are capable of turning into people, animals and objects. In their cloud form, Roman and Riker used force from the cloud and momentum to fight. When they spin around an opponent, it created a strong centrifugal pressure that slowly crushes the victim, making shapeshifting both useful and dangerous. Roddisius' other children all have additional abilities beside shape-shifting, such as paralyzation and blinding others.


The main weakness to this power lies within the science behind it. In order for shapeshifting to take place, the user must rearrange their molecular structure. If one can freeze the molecules, the power will be compromised. This makes the user vulnerable tocryokinesis and presumably molecularkinesis or other forms of molecular manipulation, as both can freeze a molecular structure. Also, if the user is not mentally disciplined and shape shifts into an animal, they take the mental capacity of that animal.

Also Called

  • Metamorphosis


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