Science Guinea Pigs is the 2nd movie series made by Jordan Zuehlsdorff and Gus Isaac .


Young teenager Lionel Ooley 's mother,Marsha , gets remarried to billionaire inventor, Derrick Vadenport , and they move in with him. While trying to find his bedroom, Lionel accidentally discovers teenage siblings with bionic powers (A.Dumbhead , Bring , and Catch ) living in their basement. Lionel secretly takes them to school for the first time and the show follows the bionic teens as they unravel in adventurous situations in an attempt to live life like a normal family in the fictional town of Accomplishment Lake, California .


In Science Guniea Pigs II, Dumhead, Bring, and Catch's real father, Derrick's evil twin, Duncan Vadenport , is introduced. He has a suspicious android son named Sucram and is eventually turned good. Duncan also fights the gang, causing Lionel to get a bionic arm.


In the Threequel, Duncan's old pal, Nicholas Keane , resurfaces with an army of robotic warriors , all with given designations: W-1, W-2, W-3, etc. The team must defeat them, if only Lionel could control his bionics!

Quadriquel (Science Guinea Pigs: Robotic Landmass)

In movie 4, Vadenport opens a robotics school called the Vadenport Robotics School on a robotic landmass to train Nicholas Keane's robotic warriors to be the world's newest heroes. The Science Guinea Pigs meet their fourth sibling, D'Samuel , whom Duncan put up for adoption after Derrick rescued the kids from him. However, they face off against Ellegis Wickers , Duncan's ex-colleague and ex-girlfriend who resurrected Sucram and attempted to eliminate the Science Guinea Pigs and robotic warriors and replace them with highly advanced technology-enhanced humanoid machines.