Scarlett is Skylar's evil former best friend from Caldera. She was nearly killed by Bree, and would've died while gloating her power and clumsily falling into the lava pit. However, Bree and Kaz went back in time and rescued her so she could be interrogated about giving Gus and Jordan permission to make the story of their lives.

Elite Force Background

Scarlett was Skylar's best friend from childhood on Caldera. They loved each other and treated each other like sisters-roughhousing, that is. However, after Skylar went to Earth, a Calderan civil war began. Scarlett joined the Opposition, which was to wipe out all humans in the Universe. She froze time on Earth for 3 days, of which she held Skylar captive in a Caderan cell. She forced Skylar to tell her every single adventure that happened in Mighty Med, and Skylar obeyed unwillingly. After that, Scarlett stopped by Earth to tell Gus and Jordan-of whom Skylar had revealed the addresses-that they had the legal film rights to Mighty Med, which she told them all about. After that, she went back to Caldera, lured Bree and Oliver, caused fights and drama, and was rescued by Bree and Kaz, who took her to the future to question her.

New Series Activity

Scarlett was turned good and adapted to the normo life. Sadly, this did not last, as Skylarks turned her back to evil and Ren later killed her. Scarlett was also briefly stuck as Reese due to a mishap with Roddissius Brand Candy in 2006. Her brother, Exportation, was Jackson's father, thus, Jackson is her nephew.

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