Berry, you're my best friend. Always are, always will be. But I know my unique destiny. I must go back to the past. I must help to make sure that my darling granddaughter Crossbow exists to be the binding force of the Elite Force. And even though I just saw myself pass away at the hands of an angry gorilla, at least I know how I'll die. You can't meddle with destiny, Berry. Olive's having a similar conversation with Meri right now. I love you, man. Goodbye. And remember...a Storm doesn't back down! I'm just so glad you're on my team. I'm gonna go get back to Olive now, we have a planet to return too.
— Sander
Sander Storm (November 23rd, 1487-September 2nd, 1992) is Skylar's brother, and the cousin of Scarlett and Exportation. He is in love with Olive Hashimoto. His

other best friend is Meri Dunne. He works as a historian in 2061. It was him who got Doug to help him round up the BSSSD. He was trapped in 1942 for 9 months, in which he visited Bowland and reunited with his beloved time-stranded Olive. The two of them had Crossbow's mother, Sadibow, but abandoned her for the JSA.