Return to Waverly Place is the 11th and 12th episodes in season 2 of Elite Life Of Time Wizards and ANTs Meeting World: The Next Generation.


Alex, Mason, their children Ellen and Martin, Max, Talia, and Elaine are summoned to the Waverly Sub-Station when Professor Crumbs, Theresa, Jerry, Harper, Zeke, Harper and Zeke's son Hark, Justin's twin girls-Gina and Lilly-and Justin find that Juliet and her parents have gone missing. Alex and Max get the entire team to crack the case, but Maya is helping Paisley kill Krane's son, the ANTs are moving to Denver and Cyd's relationship with Naldo 2 as well as Bree's and Kaz's have been threatened by an ugly dinner party organized by Violet. John, Natalie, Annie, Naldo Jr, Zoltan, Robbie, Marie, Chase Jr, Douggy, Evie, and Clarie are all stunned by these new developments.