Professor Vanev was only seen in the Holiday Hour of Science Guinea Pigs 2. In his only appearance, Professor Vanev was trapped in Warehouse Y, which is located in the frozen tundra. When a volcano hit the area, according to his backstory, Vanev was trapped in the facility with an invention called The Kappa Sphere. Being alone all of those years might have made him crazy.


Dr. Vanev lives all alone in Warehouse Y. To not be lonely, Dr. Vanev created a holographic wife for himself. He is considered Derrick Vadenport's top scientist. Dr. Vanev also helped create the cybernetic siblings: A. DumbheadBring and Catch. Finding Catch very annoying, Dr. Vanev aggravated him. He was never seen again.


  • He seems or seemed to have had a holographic wife.
  • It is unknown what happened to Dr. Vanev, as the position of Chief Scientist was taken over by the unseen Professor Nyan.
  • Professor Vanev is the first known professor in Science Guinea Pigs, with the second being Professor Nyan, and the third being Professor Xiao .
  • He and Professor Nyan are the only two of Vadenport's scientists seen in the franchise.
  • He and Derrick created the Kappa Sphere together. 
  • He thinks Catch is annoying because Catch kept on saying that he's the smartest person in the world.
    • He already knew Catch is the smartest person in the world because he knows about A. Dumbhead, Bring, and Catch'scybernetics .
  • He only gets the Inuit 1 and 2 channels, with wires connected to a viking helmet.
  • It is unknown if he knows Duncan Vadenport
  • Early in Science Guinea Pigs I, Adam, Bree and Chase were sent to go to Warehouse Y. If they had actually left, they would have trained with Dr. Vanev.
  • He is the first non Ooley\Vadenport to know about the sibling's cybernetic secret.

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