Perry's purchasing speech

PerryTech is the 7th episode overall of Elite ANT Force.


Perry takes over Z-Tech, but drives the kids crazy and is too aggressive of a teacher. The Elite ANT Force must convince the other ANTS to return to Webster High- but just where did Mr. Grundy go? Meanwhile Olive and Oliver start dating, much to Skylar's consternation.


  • This marks the return of Webster High, a school not seen since the first episode of ANT Farm season 3. The school is where most of the action in the series takes place until season 2, when they move to Davenport Talent and Power Academy.
  • Carlon Jeffery makes a special appearance as Cameron Parks, and Stefanie Scott makes a special appearance as Lexi Reed.
  • Leo has been training Douglas to hack Donald's software by replacing everything with braille.
    Z-Tech before Perry bought it

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