Oliver's Bionic Dilemma is the 10th episode overall of Elite ANT Force.
Oliver Dead?

Oliver lying dead right before Donald brings him back with bionics.


When Oliver convinces Bridget to be good again, Ricardo injures him. This makes Bridget angry, so she tries to destroy Ricardo. Fortunately, the Elite ANT Force and Chase show up and help her defeat him. However, Oliver's been hurt so badly, he can't survive in his current state. Chase must enlist Douglas' help in outfitting Oliver with bionics to bring him back to life. The problem? Douglas is crippled.


  • As of this episode, Oliver has bionics, Ricardo is dead, and Bridget is good.
  • In this episode, Chase shows a true care for Oliver.
  • This episode has been refused airing in several countries, and Oliver's death scenes were censored in others.
  • This is the darkest episode of the series, and many viewers complain about it. Most of them have only wanted to watch it once.
  • Viewers are lied to that Ricardo gave up his abilities to Oliver, melted, and Bridget and Oliver left happy. This is untrue!
  • Donald is the one who gives Oliver bionics, as Douglas tells him how to do it.

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