I just want to say...goodbye, Meri. I'm so glad to have reconnected with you this year, and Sander and I will never forget all the fun we've had. The road to defeating Mallus has been a very fun rollercoaster. Just know that you will always be my friend, with a special place in my heart. Thanks for accompanying me and Sander back here, but I must say...Don't even think of wiping my memory. Goodbye, my best friend in the world. I'll live these next 50 years to the fullest. Step on it, Sander!
— Olive
Oliviko "Olive" Hashimoto, also called "Olibow Storm" (May 11th, 1998-September 4th, 1992) is an old friend of the Elite Force and is in love with Sander.

She might harbor feelings for Jackson. Her best friend is Meri Dunne. She is Kumiko Hashimoto's sister. She was transported back many years to the early 1900s after Fletcher brought her to 2037. In 1942, she was reunited with Sander on her native planet, Bowland. They later had a royal daughter named Sadibow Storm, who gave birth to Crossbow, but had to abandon her as a baby and return to Earth to remain in the BSSSD. Eventually, after saving Bowland, Olive and Sander returned to 1942, awaiting their fate at Grodd's hands in 1992. 35 years after their departure from the BSSSD, Leana Duncan was stranded in the year 1977. Feeling somewhat let down by the departure of Sander and Olive, Leana decided to get into Mighty Med, where she was assigned a job as a doctor by Horace Diaz. Horace trusted Leana with his wormhole transporter, which Leana used to enter Bowland. Unfortunately, Bowland was not the ideal place for a human. It was engaged in a civil war, and did not accept Leana due to fact that she did not speak the native Bowlandian language. Leana was imprisoned, but luckily, Olive came to her rescue. Olive, Sander, and Leana decided to escape from the crazy planet in a spaceship, but as they were leaving, Olive was hit by a laser beam and knocked unconscious, which wiped her memory. Sander, in a hurry, took Olive in the spaceship, accidentally leaving Leana behind. He attempted to hack into Olive's time-travel suit, but ended up careening them into 2065 and losing his memory as well.