Oil Spills And Accidents is the first episode of season 3 of Elite ANT Force.


Chase and Kaz are confused about rejoining the EAF, and Daniel and Leo don't know if they should stay. Luckily, Bree, Oliver, Skylar, Angus, Olive, Fletcher, Jesse, and Chyna convince them what the right thing to do is. Kaz returns, his new bionic upgrade really working out, Leo stays, Daniel goes to help at the Academy, and Chase moves on to spend more time with his girlfriend. Also an oil spill mission comes up, then afterwords Oliver gets called to England to help his mother and the nation. While in England a complication happens which means the team must put aside their troubles especially with Evelyn Maya and help save their friend's family from an old enemy.


  • Bradley Steven Perry is added back to the main cast.
  • There is no special guest star.
  • Sabrina Carpenter is added to the main cast, her first time in a weekly Disney Series since GMW ended.
  • Douglas is preparing a new bionic chip for himself.
  • Adam is finally free as himself again, despite his memories of being the EF.