Nuclear Nights is the 14th episode of Good Luck, Liv and Maddie's Kickin' Suite Time Wizard ANT World Bunkin' Force: Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division.


When Zekiel retreats behind the Iron Curtain in the early 1980s, a string of nuclear scientists begin to mysteriously disappear. The team follows Zekiel's trail straight into the heart of the Soviet Union in an attempt to find his next target. Berry Jr tries to bond with a beautiful Soviet scientist named Valentina Vostock, in the hopes of finding out Zekiel's next move. When Valentina rejects him, it's Max to the rescue. Douglas pushes Naldo Jr to be better, which frustrates Naldo and ultimately threatens the Bionicstorm core. Andrew asks Heather to train Leana.

Main Cast

  1. Stephanie Brait as Heather Montoya
  2. Mariah Buzolin as Riley Friar
  3. Peyton Meyer as Louis Friar and Lucas Friar
  4. Jacob Artist as Zay Baineaux
  5. Rosa Blasi as Isadora Minkus
  6. Lee Norris as Farkle Minkus
  7. Trina McGee Davis as Samantha Babineaux
  8. Uriah Shelton as Josh Matthews
  9. Ruby Lewis as Evelyn Matthews
  10. Rowan Blanchard as Ruby Friar
  11. William Brent as Berry Figgenbottom and Berry Figgenbottom Jr.
  12. Lauren Taylor as Shelly Eisenberg
  13. Elise Neal as Chyna Parks
  14. Corey Sorenson as Fletcher Quimby/ Oliver Quimby
  15. Susan Olsen as Olive Doyle
  16. Allie Grant as Marie Duncan and Ursula Duncan
  17. Leana Wright as Leana Duncan
  18. Matt Shively as Paul Duncan
  19. Kelli Berglund as Natalie Duncan and Annie Duncan
  20. Spencer Boldman as Ricardo Duncan
  21. Bradley Steven Perry as John G. Duncan, Ethan Duncan, and Gabe Duncan, Jr.
  22. Sierra McCormick as Nancy Duncan, Edna Duncan, and Clarie Chestnut
  23. Aedin Mincks as Fred Duncan and Joe Duncan
  24. Duggie Duggan as Andrew Davenport 
  25. Jesse McFly as Jesse McFly
  26. Brandon Frangipani as Brandon Frangipani
  27. Cozi Zuehlsdorff as Jordan Quimby
  28. Augie Isaac as Jackson Quimby
  29. Lauren Graham as Bree Davenport
  30. Paris Berelc as Skylar Storm (Voice, face via CGI)
    1. Ciara Renee as Skylar Storm (body double, from behind)
  31. Jake Short as Robbie Quimby
  32. Brenda Song as Paris Tipton
  33. Lea Thompson as Maya Bennett
  34. Zoey Deutsch as Ashley Martin
  35. Robert Torti as Cody Martin/ Zack Martin
  36. Ginette Rhodes as Bailey Martin
  37. Julie Chen as London Tipton
  38. Jeff Garlin as Angus Chestnut
  39. McKaley Miller as Elaine and Talia Russo
  40. Carrie Genzel as Alex Russo
  41. Dylan Sprouse as Cody Martin, Jr.
  42. Selena Gomez as Ellen Greyback and Hailey Martin
  43. Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin III
  44. Gregg Sulkin as Martin Greyback
  45. Ray Park as Jack Brewer
  46. Olivia Holt as Kick Brewer
  47. Mateo Arias as Adrian Martinez
  48. Dylan Riley Snyder as Drew Krupnick
  49. Landry Bender as Patsy Davenport and Heather Montoya
  50. Joey Bragg as Joey Rooney, Jr.
  51. Jordan Fisher as Benjamin Dippledorf
  52. Dove Cameron as Liz Rooney and Vicky Rooney
  53. Dana Snyder as Joey Rooney
  54. Tenzin Norgay Trainor as Ralph Rooney
  55. Skai Jackson as Kristen Rooney
  56. Kristen Chenoweth as Maddie Smalls
  57. Jessica Garcia as Willow Rooney and Daphne Rooney
  58. Elliot Carr as John Patrick Duncan
  59. Josh Radnor as Justin Russo
  60. Bridget Mendler as Stella Walsh, Shirley Walsh, Gian Russo, and Lilly Russo
  61. Samantha Boscarino as Skyler Duncan
  62. Jason Dolley as Pat Duncan
  63. Kevin Lineham as Kaz Duncan/ Gabe Duncan
  64. Eric Allan Kramer as PJ Duncan
  65. Leigh-Allyn Baker as Teddy Duncan
  66. Ava Sambora as Charlie Duncan
  67. Jake Cinoa as Percy Johnson
  68. Marcus Duncan as Toby Duncan
  69. Logan Moreau as Edward Duncan
  70. Sabrina Carpenter as Evie Matthews and Autumn Quimby
  71. Chyna Anne McClain as Winter Quimby
  72. Cierra Ramirez as TBA
  73. Johnathan Sadowski as Max Russo
  74. Zibby Allen as Emma Davenport
  75. Pearce Joza as Seth Duncan
  76. Lily James as TBA
  77. Craig Olegnik as TBA
  78. Will Poulter as TBA
  79. John Francis Daley as TBA
  80. Claudia Wells as TBA
  81. Camilla Bell as TBA
  82. Stone Eisenmann as TBA
  83. Alyson Stoner as TBA
  84. Ricky Garcia as Naldo Montoya Jr.
  85. Madison Pettis as Rebecca Dooley
  86. Tyler James Williams as Leo Dooley
  87. Jeremy Kent Jackson as Doug Matthews and Douglas Davenport
  88. Carlon Jeffery as Zoltan Quimby