Notamatch is the 16th episode of Good Luck, Liv and Maddie's Kickin' Suite Time Wizard ANT World Bunkin' Force.


Maddie, Joey, Parker, and Liv are disheartened to find that they don't match at all with their significant others. Not only that, but their marriages have been constantly straining. Thus, Liv, Maddie, and Joey vow to have open relationships, while Parker and Zuri divorce. As the Rooneys go to foreign countries to reinvent themselves, Willow, Holden, Diggie, and Zuri enter a rehab clinic, each for different reasons. Joey Jr, Daphne, Michael, Seth, Amelia, Alexander, Benjamin, Emily, Franklin, Elizabeth, Ralph, Kristen, and Victoria feel neglected and infiltrate the White House Academy so that their adoptive sort-of-aunt, Patsy, will take care of them.


  • The premise of the episode reflects two key events in Arrested Development. The first, where the Rooneys realize their marriages are in danger and decide to keep them open and see the world, reflects Lindsay and Tobias Funke doing the same thing. The second one features all of their spouses slipping into Tobias' role by visiting a rehab clinic with hopes to perform a play there.
  • The episode's title is based on "Notapusy" an Arrested Development episode.

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