Ren "Naldo" Roddissius-Montoya was a shape-shifter in Time ANTs: Elite World Force, and Barry's ex-best friend.

Spinoff Bio

He is a friend of Cyd and Shelby. He was one of the people that gave them the ability to time travel. He is the team's official guinea pig. Later, Naldo is revealed to be Ren Roddissus, a shape-shifter turned good. This has not changed him much, aside from his powers. However, in Naldo's Revelation, he goes back to evil. He then merged with a cloud of dark essence. Naldo is brought back by Maya after Ricardo II tells her how to save him. Sadly, Roddissius was destroying Naldo's mind, so Elaine killed him. Cyd had two kids with him, Annie and Naldo Jr.


  • Shape-shifting (formerly): This was Naldo's favorite ability.
  • Future Vision- Naldo knew everything that will happen in his future.


  • Naldo's fake father is named Renny, which is Naldo's childhood nickname, so that is probably the reason that Roddissius assigned Naldo to the Montoyas.
  • Ricky Garcia also plays an evil villain known as Renny (Earth-2), implying they are the same person.