The Mighty NAT Agency began as a new incarnation of the Mighty Agency from Science Guinea Pigs: Mighty Agency , also undergoing the name, "The Rescue Allies Space-Time Gang". It combined natural gifts, mutant abilities, and cybernetics into an all powerful team that saves the world. One time, their goal was changed to time-traveling in order to save Bring, L.E.O., and D'Samuel's brothers, A. Dumbhead and Catch, from going blind and getting possessed, as well as Veriol's bud, Zak, from going insane. They were last led by Veriol Boxley. Duncan Vadenport has also led them in the past. Their final headquarters was the Vadenport Robotics School .


  • Veriol Boxley- The Brains\ Mission Leader
  • Zak Bobbins- The Ranger\ Heart

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