The Mighty Agency was established by Derrick Vadenport to take the mantle of the original team in Science Guinea Pigs. After the Robotic Soldiers received an upgrade that eliminated the need for mentors, and Zak, Veriol, and Rylie had contacted Derrick about the destruction of Super Sickbay , Derrick had no choice but to split the science Guinea Pigs team up. A. Dumbhead and L.E.O left the original team to prepare the students at the Robotic School. for their new lives. In light of the destruction of Super Sickbay, Vadenport envisioned a new team that included superheroes and cyborgs in their ranks. The new team consists of the cybernetically-enhanced super humans Catch Vadenport and Bring Vadenport, newly super powered humans Veriol and Zak , and Altora superhero Rylie Rain. They vow to protect the Earth from super villains, and have to protect every remaining superhero from being hunted down.


  • Catch
  • Bring
  • Rylie Rain
  • Veriol
  • Zak