Martin-Quimby Holdings is the 15th episode of Good Luck, Liv and Maddie's Kickin' Suite Time Wizard ANT World Bunkin' Force.

Fletcher: Well, I know it was a very dear friend of ours who turned PJ in."

Kumiko: Or someone who used to be a dear friend.

Fletcher: Kennedy?

Kumiko: Konichiwa.

Cody: Konichiwa?

Kumiko: Hello. Yes, it's me Kennedy. But my real name is Kumiko.

Cody: Kumiko?

Kumiko: This is pointless. My name is Kumiko, I'm Japanese, Fletcher and I go way back, and I'm here to arrest you two.

Fletcher: But why are you doing this?

Kumiko: Because anyone who dares keep their fugitive buddy in the attic and not turn him in, but rather use his fortune for bad, must go to jail!

— -Fletcher and Cody upon meeting Kumiko.


Donald bequeaths his fortune to Chase, but a mistake in the mail causes the inheritance to arrive at Fletcher's house. Choosing Cody for his partner, Fletcher is especially glad to have control of Davenport Industries. That is, until the two of them discover PJ in the attic. If they turn him in, they will be able to retain control of the company. If they don't, the inheritance will go to someone else. After Fletcher and Cody back down, Kumiko arrives and jails both boys for falsely using inheritance money. However, Cody escapes and throws a cybercloak on Chase, who is then put in jail in his place. Sander,Olive, and Meri help Chyna, Zoltan, Robbie, Bailey, Cody, Hailey, Tina, and Cody Jr flee the country.


  • The following is a list of Arrested Development similarities:
    • Fletcher incorrectly owns Davenport Industries, like how in Arrested Development, Gob was the real owner of the Bluth Company, but Michael acted like he owned it.
    • Like Michael with George, Fletcher and Cody discover PJ and must question whether turning him in is right.
    • At the end, Fletcher and Cody are arrested in the way Lucille was arrested in the episode Development Arrested.
    • The exchange between Kumiko and Fletcher mirrors the exchange between Lucille and Annyong in that episode.
    • The jailing causes Fletcher and Cody's families to fall apart, like the Bluths, as they flee the country.