Marcus Davenport is a bionic android created by Douglas. He is, ironically, the world's nicest android, while he was originally the world's most dangerous. His evil eyebrow is now destroyed, with the mind of Ricardo on it. Krane merged with him after Roddissius turned him back to evil. Marcus possessed a mysterious Tiki necklace to make Maya lose all her loved ones, go insane, and become his clone.


Marcus' melted remains were used by Bridget as life juice for her own android, Ricardo. Elements of Marcus' personality were present in Ricardo, like his hatred of a single team member. But this new body helped the remains of Marcus grow stronger. Marcus was revealed when Ricardo exploded, but no one noticed. His remains were found by Janet Smythe, mixed with Ricardo's remains. Due to this, both of them were brought back in one body. Marcus overrode Ricardo, and turned nice. He merged with Krane's soul because of the success of Gao-Ricardo.