Madison Kate Rooney Smalls (October 5th, 1997-August 31st, 2065), formerly known as Queen Madison, is a former helper of Team Kickin'-Waka and the a member of the Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division . She, her husband Diggie , her sister Liv , her husband Holden , and their children all live together. Her brothers are Joey and Parker. Patsy Davenport is her cousin. She is somewhat similar to Lindsay from Arrested Development in that she left Diggie to find herself, and Diggie went to rehab, but they stayed married. She became queen following Louis and Angela knocking Zuri, the Queen-Elect, into a dire coma and the disappearance of the old queen, Evie I. However, after a series of tragic events happened with her as Queen, she resigned, leaving the crown to Evie II. Following her death, Zuri, using Gideon, transplanted her consciousness into Maddie's deceased body, making it her own. Maddie's body was destroyed by Jack Brewer in 2073, which promted Zuri to finally wake up.