Lexi Returns is the 7th episode of season 3 of Elite ANT Force.


Bree gets sick. While Maya tries to replace her, it doesn't work. Meanwhile, Lexi just graduated college and sent a letter to Chyna, Angus, Olive, Jesse and Fletcher saying she is coming to see them. She revives Maya using exorcism. However, they are trapped inside during a storm.


  • Lexi is the final addition\change to the main cast. 
  • Douglas gets a crush on Lexi, but she ignores it.
  • Lexi is a Doctor who specializes on exorcisms.
  • Lexi has a boyfriend Alex Railing who is a carpenter specializing in doors. His last name is a parody of "Dorian Bannister", Chyna's fake friend from A.N.T. Farm, as is his specialty.
  • Sabrina Carpenter does not speak for the majority of this episode, as Maya has a cyber larynx.