Alexis "Lexi" Figgenbottom (nee Reed) (July 26th, 1996-July 22nd, 2036) was a teacher at Davenport Talent and Power Academy in the 2010s, later an actress in the 2040's, and finally a heartless villain in the 2030's. She considered herself the main teacher, and was best friends with Donald due to their similar personalities. She is extremely selfish, narcissistic, and somewhat mean towards the younger ANTS. Fletcher once joked that those qualities made her the perfect math teacher, and Lexi slapped him.

Spin-Off Bio

Lexi's role in the spin-off is less major, as she stepped down as Head Of Household. She is still a good friend to Fletcher and has a thing for Chase's son, Berry. She has gone to the future to be with him. Lexi later returned as a bionic wizard, a real wiz at melting spells. She now has Maya's body and is evil. She hates Jordan a lot, and Berry for betraying her. She died by swapping bodies with Maya and being turned into ice by Oliver. Maya took some of her DNA and gave it to Paisley, who created a clone of her named Lexi 2.


  • Lexi has a boyfriend named Alex Railing, a carpenter who specializes in doors, but he is fake. 
  • Lexi is a doctor who specializes in exorcism.