Leviathan Whenever is the 23rd episode of the first season of Good Luck, Liv and Maddie's Kickin' Suite Time Wizard ANT World Bunkin' Force: Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division. It is the 23rd episode overall. It is the 167th episode overall in the franchise. Added to the original Elite Force universe, it is the 326th episode, and including the 9 other shows, it is 30 (BFW) plus 72 (GMW) plus 71 (SLOD) plus 45 (BUNK'D) plus 80 (LAM) plus 97 (GLC) plus 84 (Kickin' It) plus 106 (WOWP), in addition to ANT Farm (62), it is episode number 975. 


Andrew takes the team to London in the year 2166, three days before his family is killed. He believes this to be their final opportunity to take out Zekiel who is, unfortunately at the height of his power. However, the team discovers two key elements to defeating him - Zekiel's daughter and the means to kill Zekiel once and for all.