Kidnapped! is the 9th episode overall of Elite ANT Force.
Mr. Terror

Who is this guy with Ricardo?


One night, Oliver is kidnapped while he's sleeping. The kidnapper leaves a ransom note. Kaz, Skylar, Olive, Bree, Chyna, Jesse, and Fletcher set out to find him. It is then revealed that Oliver has been kidnapped by Ricardo, who has taken him to a mysterious master that Oliver can't help but find familiar...


  • This episode proves Ricardo is the new Marcus, as he gave a main character he didn't like to a main character's parent, rather like when Marcus gave Leo to Douglas. Also, Ricardo is revealed as a bionic android in this episode.
  • Skylar still has feelings for Oliver since the "Just friends" vow they took before moving to Palo Alto, as their relationship was messing up the team. Oliver still loves her too, and in this episode professes guilt for dating Chyna and Olive.

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