Kazimerias "Jazzy Kaz" Duncan is the leader of the resistance. He is a normo who is incredibly smart, but also funny. Oliver was his best friend, until he went crazy and was committed. He has a crush on Breh Henderson. He is the alternate version of Kaz.

Early life

Similar to Kaz, he was born in Philadelphia and became friends with Oliver. Unlike his mainstream counterpart, he also befriended Alan Diaz, a way better friend than Oliver. This is because Krane kidnapped Horace and Alan from their home planet, allowing them to live on Earth. They were brainwashed, and Mighty Med never existed. When they were 12, Oliver wrote a letter to Gus. The letter was mismailed, and Gus never got it. Instead, the Hendersons got it, and wrote back to Oliver. This soured there friendship. By the time they were 14, Oliver was getting to mysterious. He would sneak out of the state every night, and take a plane to visit his new friends. Around Oliver's 15th birthday, he realized that Oliver was raving about superheroes, aliens, and other dimensions. He told Leo, who told Krane, who had him committed. Kaz and his family had been going on more vacations than usual until they came to Denver for Kaz's 14th birthday, when Tom Riddle (formerly Douglas Davenport) killed his parents in a car wreck, and so were Alan's parents, as they were coming for Kaz's birthday as well. Kaz and his 11 siblings had to live with his crowded relatives, who had another one a couple months later. This helped toughen Kaz up, making him form a resistance in his old home of Gao-Kraneopolis. He formed it with Leo Krane and the ANTS.

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