Kazimerias "Kaz" Duncan is a main character in Elite ANT Force. He is a super-powered bionic superhuman torch who shoots lasers. Bree is his wife, and they have two kids, Natalie and John. Kaz is 1\15th vampire.


Before his upgrade, Kaz had blackish dark brown hair and hazel-brown eyes. He is 5"7 inches tall. Kaz wears whatever he feels like, and that often changes due to his forgetfulness. His mission suit is green and purple, resembling moreso the Lab Rats mission suits than the Elite Force mission suits. His hair sticks up in a stylish way, which does make some tension with Douglas. After inserting a bionic chip into himself, he wore a suit made of orange fire that stuck to his body, had bright, fire-shaped yellow hair and red eyes with orange fires for pupils. He also had a greenish glow around his golden skin. After getting fixed, his clothes were updated, his arm was replaced, his glow and abnormal skin color were eliminated, and his hair got a brownish tint. His skin is still a combo of fire and flesh.


Kaz is extremely clumsy, hilarious, and not nearly as smart as Oliver, although he's not dumb.


Kaz discovered Mighty Med with his best friend Oliver one day in 2013. It became their favorite superhero hang-out, where all sorts of adventures took place. They befriended doctor Horace Diaz and former superhero, Skylar Storm. One day, Oliver's mom, Bridget, revealed herself as Mr. Terror, an evil villain intent on destroying Quimby Fletcher, who knew of the Arcturion. Another time, Kaz swapped intelligence with Chase Davenport to cure him of a horrible sickness. This began a great friendship that lead to Donald's creation of an Elite Force combining bionic heroes and superheroes. Another factor that lead to this was the destruction of Mighty Med by shape-shifters Roman and Riker for revenge against Horace removing their dad's powers. After a series of fun team adventures, like giving Skylar bionics and saving the world's remaining superheroes, Kaz and Oliver disobeyed Mr. Davenport's orders. This lead to his discontinuation of the team. However, all their former team members, except for Chase, wanted to move with them. This is what they did, which lead to their discovery of Z-Tech and the formation of the Elite ANT Force. Everything that has happened during the past two seasons have not happened to him, because Gao created clones of him, and imprisoned him in a jar, which made him not remember anything until the season 2 finale, Unraveled: The Last of Gao-Krane


Kaz died in this timeline because Troy asked Bree to kill him so he would become good.


Fire\ Heat creation- This is Kaz's most used ability for taking out villains.

Power-drainage- Similar to how Oliver could transfer his powers, Kaz can easily drain them from anybody he wants to.

Super-Strength- He got this when he stupidly inserted Adam's new bionic chip into his skin.Like Adam, he can do things such as effortlessly lift another person, catch a ventilation fan, smash a boulder the size of a car to rubble with a single punch, or even stop a bullet train. He is not discomforted by heavy weight or a need to balance large objects, holding them one-handedly without dropping them. The only known materials hard enough to resist Kaz's super strength are carbonex and ultra strength titanium. He kept this ability with his new bionic arm.

Heat Vision (formerly)- Kaz's new laser heat vision eyes permanently hurt Adam's eyes, just like what Leo did to Taylor. This time, it wasn't an honest accident, but Kaz's extreme clumsiness and lack of understanding. This ability was removed because, as Douglas says, superpowers and bionics don't mix.

Shape-shifting (formerly)- Kaz turned into a ball of fire when his powers were out of control.

Laser-Spheres- This is Kaz's only other ability after his bionic arm upgrade.

Super Durability-When overpowered Kaz glitched and set himself on fire, he did not burn, the fire only stung him a little bit.

Plasma Grenades-(formerly)- These started coming out of Kaz's hands as he was rolling around.

Lighter Finger-Kaz can light candles with his bionic finger.


  • Kaz is the first ever superhero to have bionic implants, which have altered his species, and he became a superpowered-bionic fire torch superhuman. However, his bionics were removed. Douglas purposefully injured Kaz's arm so he could give him a bionic one. He is a bionic-armed superhuman hero. This is different from Bree, who is a bionic human with superpowers.
  • Kaz is returning to the main cast in season 3.
  • In a way, Kaz is like George Bluth from Arrested Development: He is always escaping jail and framing his lookalike, in this case, Gabe.

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