Jordan Kakai Quimby is the adopted daughter of Oliver and Skylar . She first appeared in Opposite Day. She is part Calderan, like her brother,Jackson, and part human. She is dating Berry. She is 51 years old. Lexi gave her muscle cancer, and she has a son with Berry named Berry Jr. Jordan is Scarlett's daughter, whom she had with Jordan's father. Jackson is also her cousin and technically her nephew. Skylarks is her sister. Cozi Zuehlsdorff portrays her. Jordan's bionics can protect her from cancer until she is 60. However, her muscles are rather weak at the moment. During Crisis on Earth-X, she was almost shot by Nazis, but Berry pushed her out of the way and died himself, along with his mother Tina, who wanted to save Berry Jr. This resulted in Jordan taking a leave of absence, although she later did rejoin the BSSSD.