Heather Cydney "Cyd" Davenport-Ripley Montoya was Shelby's best friend and a character from Best Friends Whenever. She can time travel. She is one of 26 bionic superhuman children created by Douglas. Her biological and only full sister is Patsy Davenport. Cyd is currently captain of the Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division


Cyd's hair is her mother's, as is her build. She shares Douglas' facial features and his adventurous energy.

Spinoff Bio

Cyd is the team's new co-time travel expert. Cyd is the sister of Maya. In the second episode of the spinoff she and Shelby are captured and put in the Davenport Headquarters for Time Travel. After she learned her husband Naldo was Ren Roddissius and he was killed, she changed her name to Montoya to remember him.