Good Luck, Liv and Maddie's Kickin' Suite Time Wizard ANT World Bunkin' Force: Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division is the final incarnation of the Elite ANT Force franchise to feature the original characters. In the next version, set in the 2090s, all the original characters will either be retired or dead. This show is set in 2060. It focuses on the lives of Brandon Frangipani, Leana Duncan, Jesse McFly, and Andrew Davenport, a team of time-travelers, and their adventures with the Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division, the penultimate generation of the team. This show draws heavily from Arrested Development and Legends Of Tomorrow, a merging of Chase McFly and Duggie Davenport's favorite shows.

Theme Song

Like the previous show, the theme song for the first 10 episodes is an instrumental remix of all the shows' theme songs that comes after the spoken dialogue: It's the story of a powerful team who lost everything...and the 10 groups of friends who had no choice but to keep their lives together." The second theme song is based on Legends of Tomorrow, with the following monologue by Andrew Davenport:

"My name is Duggie Duggan. In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Zekiel conquered the world, and murdered my wife and child. I have assembled an elite team of ex-heroes to hunt him throughout time and stop his rise to power. Unfortunately, my plan is opposed by the body I'd sworn my allegiance to: the Time Masters. In the future, my friends may not be heroes. But if we succeed, they will be remembered as legends."

Next, there are several personal character monologues as openings, which last until Season 4. The Season 4 theme is as follows: It's the story of a team who fixed up their mistakes and the one murder mystery that made them all investigate together.


Season 1

After the collapse of the Suite Time Wizard ANT Elite World Force MKII,  Cyd Ripley, Shelby Eisenberg, Barry Eisenberg, Naldo Montoya Jr., Annie Montoya, Barry Eisenberg Jr., and Shelly Eisenberg, fed up with the team, move to Phoenix, Arizona, where Cyd begins "The Heather D. Company" and finishes the planned Davenport Estates. In 2039, the housing market collapses and Cyd goes into film producing instead. As the 2040s pass, Shelby starts drinking and goes into Rehab. Barry is arrested for a nasty license plate-intended to say a shortened form of "Science Is Great", but had made a typo when he was putting "Secegr8." Annie and Barry Jr elope and head out to find Jack Brewer, Kim Brewer, Rudy Gillespie, Milton Krupnick, and Jerry Martinez. During this span of 22 years, Evie overthrows King Ravi, bringing an end to The House Of Ross and beginning The House Of Matthews. After he, Anastasia, and Little Prince Ravi are banished to an island, Evie gets Zoltan to return to New York and becomes Queen of America with him as King. Evie and Zoltan have two kids named Winter and Autumn. Weighted by the birth of their daughter Ruby, Riley and Lucas purchase a huge house in Maine so that Louis will have a room, leaving Doug in the care of Smackle, Farkle, Zay, and Zay’s wife, Samantha. Dougfinds them overbearing, so he and Angela break away from them, but struggle to make it on there own, two activities being joining the Peace Corps and both losing their left hands.  Josh and Maya are fired from the government and return to counseling at Kikiwaka where Cory and Topanga are, as Kikiwaka is now a camp for learning to be a great-grandparent. Meanwhile, Robbie decides that he is ready for his relationship with Clarie to truly begin. However, Fletcher, recently put on house arrest, and Chyna, who has gotten Oliver to wear his monitors, take a long look at their lives and values and decide to reinvent themselves. Chyna decides to return to her acting career, while Fletcher decides to become a comic book illustrator as working in an arthouse is boring and he wants to give Oliver a gift for their birthday. Olive finds Kaz, whom everyone thought was dead, in her attic and he convinces her to have a new start living in his RV park in Phoenix, Arizona. Angus starts a hardware store and begins spending more time with Robbie and Clarie, who get annoyed by him in their relationship. Mad that they don’t want him and with no place to live since Marie spent large portions of their stock and decided to repeat her senior year in L.A. on the hunt for an undercover cop-making their house get foreclosed-Angus decides to become a comic book writer and starts working with Fletcher, now living in The Martin Hotel in Denver. Chyna’s new life takes a horrible turn. Also occuring from 2038-2060, a newly paroled and divorced Chase begins a new life as a woman named Chasity O’Doherty and finds himself at Kaz’s RV Park where he comes face to face with a guy named Vincent Engler-Violet’s nephew and Victor’s son. Vincent wants to overthrow Evie and become President of The United Kingdoms Of America, as he calls them. Tina moves into Davenport Manor, which is now being run remotely by Bree. The two friends catch up. Berry and Jordan messily divorce and Lexi reenters Berry’s life, resulting in eight years of happiness until she left in 2048. Feeling neglected, Berry Jr. is happy to see Jordan again. Oliver begins to rekindle his romantic feelings for Chyna while he is under house arrest due to Fletcher tricking him. Skylar, however, reminds Oliver not to cheat, even though they are separated. Jackson and Natalie meet up in New York and decide to marry. John becomes Marie’s high school tutor and is confused because they graduated high school together years ago. Marie is soon arrested for sleeping with a teenager and Natalie helps John pay for her bail. The night after Marie’s trial, she sleeps with John, who proposes marriage to her, after having 11 kids in secret for 15 years.  Every child of the EF members begins raising families as normally as possible, with Berry Jr. reunited with his parents, John and Marie having 12 kids, including Leana, Paul, and Annie, and Jackson and Natalie are expecting. Cody, free from prison thanks to tricking Chase, begins a new life in Iraq with Sander, Olive, Meri, Bailey, Cody Jr, Tina and Hailey. However, things begin to go down hill from there. The house they buy wastes nearly all their money, so they are forced to move into a cheap model home illegally built by Kazthat is the hide-out of an evil Arabic mastermind who thinks Meri is Kaz in a girl costume and throws her, Olive, and Sander in prison. Scared of being next, Cody Jr takes his family and Tina to see a brother he has lost touch with. However, Hailey has a horrible chocolate allergy. Cody Jr begins to feel incestuous around Paris, but stops soon. Tina returns to the states to sue Chase for divorce and takes Cody and Maya with her, where they are both arrested-Maya being the daughter of a British spy who helped Kaz build the illegal American houses on Iraqui farms. This leaves Bailey alone with Zack and the kids, who say the Russos moved to England. Bailey and Zack find themselves attracted to each other and Hailey reveals that she doesn't recall their parents doing anything crazy after her birth, making Cody Jr believe Zack is his father. Paris learns she was genetically-engineered. Robbie then arrives and he and Paris get married. Cody Jr runs away to England because he realizes he has feelings for Elaine. They have children, Justin Tipton, Oliver Tipton, Sandra Martin, Max Martin, and Cody Martin III. Max is disappointed when he gets a call from his good friend Harry Potter inviting him to England. Max, Talia, and Elaine bid a sad farewell to Zack, Maya, Ashley, and Paris, as they set out to begin a new chapter of their lives. Meanwhile, Mason is arrested in Italy for attacking citizens, so Alex, Martin, and Ellen flee to live with the Potters. Stuck in a crowded English house, with no contact to North America, Alex conjures us a North American TV Set and watches events unfold as she eats butter croissants. A year passes and Alex has gotten fat, so she signs up for excercise programs. Harry gets Martin and Ellen accepted into Hogwarts. Mason escapes prison and moves to New York, masquerading as Vincent Engler for many years. Meanwhile, Ellen and Martin are embarrassed by how thin Alex is. After 7 years at Hogwarts, it is time for Martin and Ellen to win the wizard competition. Ellen becomes the family wizard and Martin, upon having the wizard power removed, goes full-on werewolf. Martin is trained to control his transformations. Meanwhile, Max doesn't want to live with the Potters and he, Talia, and Elaine decide to travel the world. They travel for years, but then Cody Jr comes to stay with them, marries Elaine-still a wizard-, and has kids-Cody III, Max, and Sandra- with her. Max, Alex, and Talia retire at Waverly Rest Home for old wizards and remain there.  Ravi falls into a depression whilst living on a tropical island with Anastasia and Ravi Jr. Meanwhile, Zuri is released from Rehab with a new ex-actor rebellious boyfriend named Connor Dons. The two of them enter the vacant Martin Hotel and begin a new life there. Xander and Emma's lives are threatened when Douglas-very sick at the time-tells them Xander's birth name is really Alezander. They put Evangeline and Christopher in boarding school so they won't make fun of him. When Parker marries Val, he takes Ralph and Kristen, leaving Zuri with Connor. Luke and Tessamove to Mexico where Griff and Lou are running "Grou Industries", a marketing ploy to keep Mexicans out. Tyler, however, is offended, and has all 4 of them jailed. Anastasia and Ravi Jr then move in with Emma and Zander, following Ravi's suicide. Patsy becomes overworked and stressed due to having Joey Jr, Daphne, Michael, Seth, Amelia, Alexander, Benjamin, Emily, Franklin, Elizabeth, Ralph, Kristen, and Victoria to take care of. After a year, she visits her physiologist who tells her that she has developed a neurological problem and needs to stay in the hospital for a while. The kids think they have been abandoned yet again by another mother figure and try to fend for themselves. When Parker and Val return from Rehab, they are able to care for Ralph and Kristen. However, Val goes insane and Parker decides that all four of them need to live in the mental hospital. The remaining kids decide what they will do next: Liz will go act in Broadway, Vicky decides to become a young athlete, Joey Jr pursues his father's stand-up career, and Benjamin runs away. When Liv and Holden return, they are back together, but after a year, they go on a boat with their kids aside from Benny, Alex, Liz, and Vicky and never come back. Next, Joey and Willow return and flee to Canada with Joey Jr, Seth, Michael, and Daphne. Maddie and Diggie are disheartened to find the kids gone and move into the Martin Hotel, living near Zuri and her boyfriend Connor.  Skyler finally wins the lottery and strikes it rich. She leaves the puny house she shares with Bree, Natalie, and John, taking her John and Patrick to an exotic mansion in New York. Gabe goes to visit Bree and makes attempts to win her over, but eventually gives up. John teaches Gabe Jr how to be a proper gentleman and not a "momma's boy" whose mother is dead. Gabe Jr and John join up and run to serve in Queen Evie's court. This leaves Patrick by himself. Skyler goes to great lengths to educate Patrick and make him smarter, him being all she has left. Teddy and Justin divorce and Shirley becomes a film maker. Gina and Lilly break apart and move to Europe following Gina winning the wizard competition. Teddy, left with Stella, and Skyler, alone with Patrick, move in together, but then PJ returns. Skyler yells at him for a while and Gabe comes back too. The six of them decide to take a nice family vacation to Kaz's Father D's Colony in Phoenix, where Teddy falls in love with a guy named Vincent Engler and Gabe finds himself attracted to Chase, who has now become Chasity, although she is serious with Kaz. Gabe tails Chasity, Kaz, Teddy, and Vincent. Meanwhile, PJ is imprisoned yet again following his escape. Skyler, Teddy, and the kids move back to New York before the drama can get more difficult. Charlie and Toby, both out of horrible divorces, and their children Percy Johnson and Edward Duncanmove in with them as well. Teddy gets overwhelmed by the crazy family. Jack hates owning a dojo and sells it, going into the restaurant business. He, Kick, and Kim move back to New York, and begin new lives. However, Milton and Jerry, both widowers and Rudy's caretakers, are mad because Rudy just retired. Aidan and Drew convince them to retire too and send them to New York. Drew elopes with Kick, angering Kim. Kim leaves Jack and joins Father D's Colony in Phoenix. Kim and Kaz have a temporary relationship, until Chasity returns. Chasity moves in with Kim at a highrise apartment, but is hardly ever home. Kim becomes lonely and reunites with the guys and the kids for a relaxing boat cruise. In 2060, everything changes with the formation of the BSSSD, led by Andrew, Jesse, and Brandon. The reunited team sets out for new adventures.


  • Liv Rooney appears once in Season 1 and vanishes until Season 4, yet the show's title still features her.
  • As a reference to LOT, Ciara Renee performs Skylar's scenes, although they are dubbed by Paris Berelc, whose face is digitally added over Ciara's.