Ricardo's Many Forms

Gao-Ricardo, formerly known as Ricardo, was one of Mr. Terror's bionic androids. He posed as a human to kidnap Oliver so Bridget could turn him evil. Unfortunately, his mission failed, as Oliver made Bridget good again so they could throw him away. Dr. Gao, however, later brought him back to life to be part of his army in the season 2 episode "Attack Of The Awful Androids". Eventually, Gao died due to stress and pain caused by Krane being in his body. He returned to Ricardo's body, which the two shared. While Gao swapped to Chase's body and became the main antagonist of season 2, Ricardo, as Gao-Ricardo, finally got exploded by Leo in "The Reappearing"- just as he wanted to do to Marcus in the episode of Lab Rats called "The Vanishing".


  • He is basically a new version of Marcus from Lab Rats, as he is a bionic android who posed as a good guy, befriended all but one of the gang, and kidnapped the guy he did not befriend. The person he was working for also turned out to be a main character's parent, just like Marcus.
  • He also has all the Lab Rats' bionics.
  • As he was made of the remains of Marcus' body that Douglas vaporized, which were later discovered by a country-fleeing Gao who left them in prison, where Bridget found them and used them inside of Ricardo, he is technically a reincarnation of Marcus.